Utah Road Trips

Road tripping through Utah is remarkable for the tremendous diversity of scenic grandeur on display, as well as for the way Utah stands out culturally from its neighbors in the American West. Each journey is a photographer’s paradise, a hiker’s nirvana, a Western historian’s feast, and a geologist’s ultimate dream world. And much of what Utah has to offer is just waiting to be enjoyed through the lens of a favorite American pastime: the road trip.

But in a wonderland so vast, how do you maximize your time, choose the best routes, and avoid driving by some of the most fascinating natural and cultural attractions in Utah that might be hidden just off the road? 

To help in your quest, we’ve pulled together guides and information to the network of scenic roads that wind their way through Utah's diverse landscapes:

Many of our must-do road trip itineraries and roads less traveled include portions of — or entire — designated scenic byways. Utah boasts 27 designated scenic byways. There is also lots of beauty to be found on Utah's backroads, which we like to call our scenic backways.

No matter where your compass in pointing, when you plan a Utah road trip, you're bound to encounter our most photo-worthy drives. Many of these roads are also fantastic road cycling routes.

So pack some snacks, bring your binoculars, plan some spectacular stops and get ready to write your own story about these scenic road trips along the highways and backways that traverse the state. Your Utah road trip is about to begin.


Getting Around Utah

Utah offers well-maintained interstate highways and a vibrant metropolitan corridor with great public transportation.

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Explore Utah's 27 Designated Scenic Byways

With more than 2,200 miles of destination roadways, Utah's 27 state and national scenic byways are destinations themselves.

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Road to Mighty

Southern Utah. Home to Utah’s Mighty Five® national parks and connected by some of the most scenic byways and backways in the country. Find your road:

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