Iconic Classics Southeast

Best approached from Salt Lake or Grand Junction

Three days on the open roads of Southeastern Utah is just enough for a taste of two of its most iconic national parks — Arches and Canyonlands — and a few things in between. We don't use “iconic” lightly. These are two of The Mighty 5® — the standard bearers of Utah, the giants whose splendor has inspired humans for centuries.
Day one in Moab is all about the celebrities. Revel in the majestic view of one of the most famous geologic features in the world in Arches National Park — it’ll take your breath away in more ways than one. Test your mettle on possibly the world’s most famous mountain bike trail or follow a guide through a famously overlooked hike in a labyrinth of narrow canyon walls.
Day two is picture-perfect. Get up early and you can catch the first few rays of sunlight streaming through Mesa Arch and the dramatic view it frames of Canyonlands National Park. Another short hike will take you to a 1,000-foot high vantage point above the Needles District and wide-open canyonlands. Or drive to Dead Horse State Park, an even higher vantage point above the Colorado River, as it curves steeply around the canyon wall.
Day three is thrilling. You can either experience the exhilaration from a raft as you surge through the rapids of the Colorado River, or from the seat of a Hummer as you climb to the top of seldom-seen, awe-inspiring Moab overlooks.
In just a short trip you’ll tackle some of the best that Utah has to offer.