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Salt Lake City, UT

January Averages
H 38°    L 26° temperatures in °F
1.46 precipation in inches

Salt Lake City, UT

February Averages
H 44°    L 31° temperatures in °F
1.5 precipation in inches

Salt Lake City, UT

March Averages
H 53°    L 38° temperatures in °F
2.2 precipation in inches

Salt Lake City, UT

April Averages
H 61°    L 43° temperatures in °F
2.32 precipation in inches

Salt Lake City, UT

May Averages
H 71°    L 52° temperatures in °F
2.09 precipation in inches

Salt Lake City, UT

June Averages
H 82°    L 61° temperatures in °F
1.14 precipation in inches

Salt Lake City, UT

July Averages
H 90°    L 69° temperatures in °F
0.59 precipation in inches

Salt Lake City, UT

August Averages
H 89°    L 67° temperatures in °F
0.71 precipation in inches

Salt Lake City, UT

September Averages
H 78°    L 58° temperatures in °F
1.54 precipation in inches

Salt Lake City, UT

October Averages
H 65°    L 46° temperatures in °F
1.65 precipation in inches

Salt Lake City, UT

November Averages
H 50°    L 36° temperatures in °F
1.77 precipation in inches

Salt Lake City, UT

December Averages
H 40°    L 27° temperatures in °F
1.61 precipation in inches

Salt Lake City

The vibrant, urban heart of Utah.
Salt Lake City makes a great gateway for travelers making a trip to Utah's ski resorts or southward to Utah’s renowned red rock countryFrequently referred to as the "Crossroads of the West," its location is also ideal for longer roadtrips northward to Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks. Though as those who attempt to pass through often find, you'll frequently talk yourself into staying longer than you expected. 

Salt Lake Stories


This is the beating heart of SLC, where historic architecture and historic sites frame a bustling shopping, restaurant and nightlife scene. Downtown is the place for art gallery hops and festivals, live music, chocolate tasting, Jazz games, and the downtown Farmers Market. See it all on TRAX or the GREENbike SLC bike-sharing program. Learn more at

9th and 9th district
Just off downtown, tree-lined streets on SLC's famous grid system lead to hip neighborhoods like the 9th and 9th district, home to bustling espresso bars and bakeries like Coffee Garden and Tulie as well as a burgeoning food scene exemplified by Pago, famous for artfully crafted American cuisine showcasing locally-sourced ingredients. The district (in partnership with its close-by, sister neighborhood, the Maven District) is also brimming with 40-plus women-owned businesses that are helping to boost the local economy, as well as each other.

Campus district
A quick trip on TRAX, SLC’s light rail system, takes you from city center past The Leonardo science museum to the University of Utah campus district, home to Red Butte Garden and Arboretum and the Natural History Museum of Utah. The campus area is also adjacent to multiple access points to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, a sprawling network of trails lacing the foothills behind the city with nearly 100 miles of hiking, running and biking trails, an after-work favorite for locals. Explore Salt Lake's backyard adventure hikes and Learn more at

The Avenues and Capitol Hill
If you're in for an uphill drive through some of Salt Lake's oldest and most unique neighborhoods, drive through The Avenues and Capitol Hill, perhaps the quirkiest and artsiest neighborhoods in SLC. Capitol Hill offers an unforgettable high-elevation view of the entire Salt Lake metropolitan area from Ensign PeakLearn more at

Sugar House
Sugar House is the place for local shops with an eclectic fair. One of Salt Lake's oldest neighborhoods, the area features a diverse lineup of art galleries, bookstores and boutiques in its now-booming business district, which surrounds the beautiful Sugar House park. Learn more at

For more information and things to do in SLC's neighborhoods, check out An Insider's Guide to Salt Lake City Neighborhoods.


  • The Living Room

    The Living Room

    Hike to gain a birds eye view of SLC from the Living Room Trail. Photo: Jay Dash

  • Real Salt Lake

    Real Salt Lake

    Home of Utah's professional soccer team.

  • Mountain Access

    Mountain Access

    Salt Lake City's mountain access is as close as it looks.

  • Natural History Museum

    Natural History Museum

    Walk with dinosaurs in SLC.

  • Salt Lake City–Utah's Capitol

    Salt Lake City–Utah's Capitol

    Winter's sunset in Salt Lake City. Photo: Jay Dash

  • Metro Music

    Metro Music

    Catch a show at one or many of Salt Lake's venues. Photo: Shay Read

Things to Do in Salt Lake City

Attending a conference in SLC?

How-to Guide for Salt Lake City Conference Attendees: Food, Drink and Fun

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Heading to Salt Lake City for a conference? Lucky you. When it comes to accessibility, facilities and overall experience, Salt Lake City is one of the best conference locations in the country. Here’s everything you need to know to get the most out of your time before, during, and after your conference in the city.

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Utah’s capital city boasts a unique history. It is rich in frontier history for sure but its story didn’t end (or begin) there. Experience the many layers of history, prehistory and contemporary culture.
  • Temple Square
  • Utah Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Natural History Museum of Utah
  • Red Butte Gardens
You live your life and devote your resources to travel, fun and friends. Now, you’re at Salt Lake City International Airport, a Lyft on the way. Meet the locals, see the weird stuff, try the local beer, see the bands and discover why #utahisrad.
  • Farmers Market and GREENbike Tour
  • Local Brews and a Show
  • Natural History
Salt Lake City isn't your regular ski town. It's the only Ski City. Big city amenities support 10 different resorts within an hour of SLC International, which means the best in downhill meets the best in downtown.
  • Craft coffee, dining and spirits
  • Alta Ski Area or Snowbird Ski Resort
  • Solitude Mountain Resort or Brighton Ski Resort
  • Performing arts, après-ski and live music

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Salt Lake City