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Natural History Museum of Utah

Dinosaurs in Utah

Ready to take a step back in time? With fossil records of more dinosaur species than any other state and the most complete record of prehistoric life of any geographic area on the planet, Utah offers one of the world's largest collections of mounted dinosaur skeletons interspersed among actual discovery sites. No matter where you go in Utah, you aren’t far from a significant museum, archeological dig, or former home to these astounding creatures. For an immersive experience, travel along the Dinosaur Diamond Highway that runs from Salt Lake City to Moab. You don’t have to be a dino-crazy kid to get excited by all there is to see — but it certainly doesn’t hurt to bring one along.

Here are some of the top destinations to enjoy that highlight Utah’s prehistoric past.

Travel the Dinosaur Diamond Highway

Utah Dinosaur Museums

In Nature & On-Site

Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry

Photo: Mark Osler

Dinosaur footprint in San Rafael Swell

Photo: Dean Krakel

Dinosaur National Monument

Photo: Mark Osler

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For an immersive experience, travel along the Dinosaur Diamond Highway that runs from Salt Lake City to Moab. 


7 Days

Trekking Along the Dinosaur Diamond Highway

Utah’s Dinosaur Diamond Highway is the perfect guide to experience ancient history, millions of years in the making.

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5 Days

Southern Dinos and Goblins

From fossils and petroglyphs to slot canyons and goblins, you’ll have four days of “oohs” and “ahhs” for the whole adventuring family.

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