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Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park   |  Barry Gutierrez

Culture & History

The history of the land now known as Utah goes way back to the age of dinosaurs. Fossilized evidence is abundant in our state.

Utah's 1200 A.D. Puebloan cultures, the Ancestral Puebloan (sometimes known as Anasazi) and Fremont cultures, came later, and our lands are rich with evidence of their lives found in pictographs and petroglyphs panels – left behind on rock walls, as well as in the dwelling sites of their homes and villages. Other Native American cultures, Ute, Paiute, Goshute, Shoshone and Navajo continue to contribute to Utah's rich cultural heritage.

At the time of the American Revolution, Spanish priests explored and brought Christianity to some of the native populations. Trappers, mountain men and traders followed close behind. Then, in 1847, Mormon pioneers (members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) arrived in the Salt Lake Valley and established settlements throughout the intermountain west. Twelve years later, the first transcontinental railroad was completed in Utah at Golden Spike National Historic Site, and immigration to the region grew tremendously.

All of these early cultures wove, and many continue to weave, the tapestry that is Utah.

Native Nations in Utah Dinosaurs in Utah


Utah Heritage Hot Spots

Every July 24, Utahns celebrate Pioneer Day with parades, fireworks and festivities that rival the 4th of July. The day honors 1847, when Mormon settlers first


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5 Days

Attagirl! Women’s History & Highlights

This five-day itinerary pairs Utah women's history and time for reflection with active adventure, beautiful scenery and instagrammable locations.

Arts, Community, Glamping, Guided Experiences, Hiking, History and Heritage, Mountain Biking, Support local, Urban Experiences, Wellness, Women's Travel


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7 Days

History & Hoodoos

Just the national parks, ma'am. We get it. You're a bucket-lister with a checklist and a pen. We hope it has a lot of ink.

History and Heritage, Stargazing, Camping & Backpacking, Hiking, Food and Drink


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6 Days

Classic Westerns of the Silver Screen

From the alpine backwoods of Jeremiah Johnson to the sweeping vistas of Westworld and all the John Ford's in between, Utah is the place to travel for movie magic.

Film Tourism, History and Heritage, Photography, Scenic Drives/Road Trips, Arts


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4 Days

Golden Spike Empire

Participate in railroad history, bird migration and iconic earth art in the quiet stretches of Northern Utah's rural Box Elder County.

Kid-Friendly, History and Heritage, Community, Arts, Wildlife


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5 Days

Native Spirit

Countless generations of Native Americans have called the landscapes of Utah home, from the hunter-gatherers of the prehistoric era to the more than 50 Native Nations currently in Utah.

Arts, Hiking, History and Heritage, Native American, Scenic Drives/Road Trips


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7 Days

Trekking Along the Dinosaur Diamond Highway

Utah’s Dinosaur Diamond Highway is the perfect guide to experience ancient history, millions of years in the making.

Dinosaurs, Hiking, Kid-Friendly, Scenic Drives/Road Trips


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