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Things To Do In Salt Lake City

In order for something to float it needs to be less dense than the water (or air) surrounding it. It’s part of the reason a piece of driftwood floats down a river and helium-filled balloons rise. It also explains one of Great Salt Lake’s most famous phenomena, the fact that swimmers float with little to no effort because the lake is so dense with salt.

In a way, that’s what Salt Lake City is all about — an effortless balance between nature and city living. The Capital City lies in between Great Salt Lake and the Wasatch Mountain Range, and is growing into a vibrant blend of culture and heritage. Take a hike, find a new favorite restaurant, explore the state’s heritage or enjoy a lively night out. It’s all available to you in Salt Lake City, but just in case you aren’t sure where to start, here are a few of the city’s most popular things to do.

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Ave Maria mural by El Mac & Retna in downtown Salt Lake City.

Photo: Jim Urquhart

The Eccles Theater is easily recognized by its spectacular five-story glass lobby and distinctive chandeliers.

Photo: Steve Greenwood

The Living Room Trail offers scenic views of Salt Lake City.

Photo: Jay Dash

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