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Located just eight miles from the west entrance of Capitol Reef National Park, Torrey is an idyllic little tree-lined town on the Capitol Reef Country Scenic Byway (S.R. 24) surrounded by rose-colored cliffs and green meadows. At an elevation of 6,830 feet, summer temperatures tend to be quite pleasant, ranging from 50 to 90 degrees F. Winter temperatures range from 0 to 60 degrees F. Its proximity to Capitol Reef National Park, the mountains of Fishlake and Dixie National Forests, Scenic Byway 12: Utah's All-American Road, sublime desert landscapes to trout-filled alpine lakes, make Torrey an outdoor lover's perfect hub for some of the most spectacular scenery and outdoor recreation opportunities in the state.

Capitol Reef National Park

Originally established in the 1880s by Mormon Pioneers, it is thought to be named after Jay L. Torrey, the Colonel of the 2nd Regiment of Theodore Roosevelt's Rough Riders. Today, the town is home to 182 residents, from descendants of the original settlers to the newcomers, who've come, largely, for the area's incredible beauty and outdoor recreation.

For visitors, Torrey offers lodging, cafes and restaurants, and a visitor information center, though some services may be limited in the winter and early spring.

In and around the Torrey/Capitol Reef area, consider the following popular activities for which guides, rentals, and services are available: hiking, canyoneering, and climbing tours and rentals; ATV, 4-wheel drive, and dirt bike tours and rentals; mountain bike tours and rentals; camping equipment rentals; and more.

International Dark Sky Community

Throughout the year, Torrey can now officially celebrate its pristine dark skies and stargazing opportunities thanks to its 2018 accreditation by the International Dark-Sky Association as an International Dark Sky Community. What this means is that the town came together to protect its night skies by improving outdoor lighting ordinances and retrofitting dark-sky compliant outdoor lighting to minimize light pollution and strengthen the town's already close relationship with nature, place and the universe.


Temple of the Moon

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