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COVID-19 Traveler Information

Utah has no travel restrictions or quarantine requirements if you are healthy and visiting from another state. Visitors to Utah can protect themselves and Utahns by following federal, state and local public health guidelines.

Always check the recommendations of the area you plan to visit using the resources below. Err on the side of caution by carrying a mask with you at all times. Ask additional questions using the chat feature on this page. 

Plan Your Trip Tips for Responsible Travel

Need to Know

Utah Travel Guidance

The Utah Office of Tourism follows the recommendations of the CDC Community Levels tool. Consult the county index to see the guidelines of the counties you are traveling through.

Utah does not have a statewide mask mandate. Please honor mask requirements posted by businesses.

Information by County

International Travel Requirements

For international visitors traveling to the United States by air, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has the latest information on vaccination, testing and masking requirements. If you're traveling by land port or ferry, check with the Department of Homeland Security for vaccine requirements and documentation. If you're already in Utah and require a COVID-19 test to return home, the Utah Department of Health offers guidance on COVID-19 travel testing.

Find out if you can board a flight to the U.S.

COVID-19 Updates

Parks and Public Lands

All national parks are open. Consult the current conditions and alerts page for each park before planning your travel. In addition, please note:

  • Parks are experiencing heavy visitation, please familiarize yourself with Leave No Trace principles and the responsible travel ethos we call Forever Mighty.

Additional resources:

Utah State Parks

State parks are open to all visitors. Park visitors are advised to recreate responsibly by staying home if sick, honoring the social distance of others, avoiding crowded trailheads and practicing "pack in and pack out" etiquette to help keep parks clean. See the latest information.

Travel With Care

Follow these adapted tips from the U.S. Forest Service to plan a fun and safe Utah outing:

  1. Plan ahead. Review the websites and social media that offer information on local conditions. Visitors are also encouraged to reach out to local tourism contacts and land managers with any additional questions.

  2. Respect the social distance of others. Everyone wants to safely enjoy public lands. Please make sure to stay at least six feet away from other visitors as recommend by the CDC. Wear face coverings in settings where social distancing measures are difficult to maintain. To avoid crowding, select low-traffic locations and non-peak hours. 

  3. Stay home if you feel sick. Follow CDC guidance on personal hygiene and social distancing before and during your visit. Stay up-to-date on latest instruction from the Utah Coronavirus Task Force.

  4. Support local. Find ways to support the local communities that surround these natural areas. Stock up with groceries locally, stop in an artisan shop or eat at a local restaurant.

  5. Travel responsibly and reduce impact. Familiarize yourself with the travel ethic we call Forever Mighty and learn how to do your part to protect and preserve. 
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