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Fire Safety in Utah

Whether traveling or recreating, everyone in Utah should take wildfire prevention seriously. The majority of wildfires in Utah are human-caused, a result of campfires, vehicles and unsecured chains, fireworks and firearms. Small but mighty preventative actions can make all the difference.

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Know the Fire Safety Rules 

Be mindful of what you’re doing and always be prepared to put out a fire. And be sure to follow fire safety rules:

  • Only start a campfire in an approved fire pit. Never leave a fire unattended. Don’t start a fire on a windy day. Always make sure your campfire is extinguished completely using the "Douse, Stir, Check, Repeat." method. (Douse the fire with water, stir with a stick or shovel, check to see if campfire coals feel cool to the touch. Then repeat until the fire is completely out.)
  • Keep lighters and matches out of the reach of children. 
  • Only launch fireworks on legal dates and in areas that permit fireworks to be launched. When lighting fireworks, have a fire extinguisher handy; have a bucket of water or garden hose available to wet down the surrounding vegetation. Fireworks are prohibited on all public lands. 
  • Don’t park a hot car or other machine in dry grass, even when pulling over on the side of the road. Make sure to inflate your vehicle's tires at the proper pressure to avoid the sparks that can be thrown in a blowout. Secure any tow chains to prevent sparking. 
  • Spark arrestors are required on all off-highway vehicles (OHV) and all-terrain vehicles (ATV).
  • When target shooting, choose a backstop that is free of rocks and dry grass. Use of exploding targets is illegal on Utah public lands.

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Never leave a fire unattended. Always make sure your fire is completely doused with water and smothered with dirt before leaving.

Photo: Andrew Burr

Don’t park a hot car or other machine in dry grass, even when pulling over on the side of the road.

Photo: Matt Austad


Staying Safe in Wildfire Country

Written By Melissa Fields

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As you’re packing your bags for that Utah camping or river trip you’ve been looking forward to all winter, take a moment to brush up on some fire safety tips.

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How to Report a Wildfire

To report a wildfire, call 911. For a wildfire in a remote location, contact one of the Interagency Fire Centers:

  • Northern Utah Interagency Fire Center (Northwestern Utah and Salt Lake area): (801) 495-7611
  • Central Utah Interagency Fire Center: (435) 896-8404
  • Uintah Basin Interagency Fire Center (Northeastern Utah): (435) 789-7021
  • Moab Interagency Fire Center (Southeastern Utah): (435) 259-1850
  • Southern Utah’s Color Country Fire Center (Southwestern Utah): (435) 865-4611

Active Wildfires and Restrictions

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For roads impacted by wildfires, follow @UDOTTRAFFIC on Twitter.


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