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Bryce Canyon National Park   |  Hage Photo

National Parks in Winter

In the winter months, Utah's five national parks and their surrounding country are full of solitude and with an adventurous spirit to shrug off mild doses of moody weather you can count on having red rock country all to yourself.

More about Winter in Southern Utah Forever Mighty

Be Prepared

While winter weather in Southern Utah can be mild you’ll still need to deal with cooler and widely fluctuating temperatures as well as intermittent rain and snow. Throughout the season, nights and shaded areas are quite chilly, while exploring in the sunshine can be delightful. Watch current conditions, as unsettled winter weather can bring storms. Finally, businesses in many of Utah’s smaller communities shutter for the season. But with some advanced planning and a good set of layers, these small impediments are easily handled.

The reward is pure solitude as you gaze out of some of the most stunning vistas in the world. 

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