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Uniquely Utah Après Ski Spa Experiences

Relax with these seven ski resort spa experiences only in Utah


It’s a constant challenge — skip straight to the bar to wind down after a long ski day, or pamper yourself with a hot tub session and massage. While you can do both, the allure of the après scene often makes you forget the latter, and how a little luxury time can extend your ski vacation. You don’t want to take a day off due to sore muscles, so travelers should take note of where you can chill out with spa treatments with a sense of place.

1. St. Regis Deer Valley’s Remède Spa

At the St. Regis Deer Valley’s Remède Spa, the Salt Lake Reflexology treatment is reminiscent of Utah’s Great Salt Lake, and includes a warm salt scrub to buff and hydrate your skin, as well as a reflexology session to get ready for another day on the slopes. A Native American tradition to celebrate and release stress and tension is the inspiration behind the Bear Dance Ritual treatment, which uses Ayurvedic principles, indigenous herbal poultices and massage to renew energy and soothe aching muscles.

2. Waldorf Astoria Spa 

Also in Park City, the Waldorf Astoria Spa tempts hotel guests with indulgence after a long day in the outdoors. If you’re ready for all-out indulgence, pick the Four-Handed Massage, using two therapists who synchronize their rhythmic and relaxing massage techniques. You may feel like a noodle when it’s all over.

3. Park City Yoga Adventures

If you want to work a little wellness into activity, sign up for a snowshoe and yoga excursion with Park City Yoga Adventures. Discover the beauty of Park City off the ski trails on a two-hour snowshoe hike through sparkling powder, complete with panoramic views and a break for hot chocolate. When you’re done with your adventure, head indoors for a one-hour yoga session to melt away the stress and sore muscles.

4. The Spa at Sundance Mountain Resort

The Spa at Sundance Mountain Resort is a nature-inspired eco-spa that incorporates Native American influences into its wellness offerings. A purifying, energizing therapy is the Sage & Sweet Grass Ritual, which uses white sage, sweet grass, Great Salt Lake Organic Mud body paint and sage essential oil for re-hydration. Beginning with a dry body brushing, the treatment also includes smudging of white sage and sweet grass to establish a sacred boundary and call for blessings from the Great Spirit.

5. Snowbird's Cliff Spa

At Snowbird’s Cliff Spa, your treatment comes with all-day spa facility use, and the stunning view of the ski resort’s Wasatch Mountain home from the spa’s grand rooftop pool and hot tub is more than worth your time. Combine the opportunity to chill out with the Wasatch Recovery Massage, a light- to medium-pressure sports massage that aims to restore and revive legs and lower back with stretching and therapeutic techniques. After some time here, you’ll be more than ready to get first tracks in the morning.

6. Alta's Rustler Spa

At Alta’s Rustler Lodge, treat your feet to some time out of ski boots with the Ski Boot Soother at Rustler Spa. The warm liniment mud treatment and reflexology foot massage leaves you in a relaxed mood that can be easily followed by time in the heated pool, or launch directly into an après celebration of a day of activities in the mountains. Now that your feet are ready for tomorrow, you’ll feel like you can do anything.

7. Cedar Breaks Lodge at Brian Head Resort

As with the others, the Cedar Breaks Lodge at Brian Head Resort offers a variety of treatments in its spa menu, so choosing one may be a chore. Why not try to warm up for ski instead of cool down with the Brian Head Gear Up — a massage with stretching and fast-paced compression to warm up your muscles so your entire body is ready to hit the slopes. There’s always time to pick another treatment at the end of the day if you want to live luxuriously.

These ski and spa resorts will bring a little extra relaxation to your winter skiing vacations, but there are plenty of spas off the peak that you’ll love as well. Read more about Utah's destination spas.

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