Strawberry Reservoir

Although all the still waters on the fishing in Utah top list are family friendly, Strawberry Reservoir truly has something for everyone. Let’s start by keeping that pesky, diehard fly-fisher person occupied.

Locals call it “Strawberry,” and it is the lifeblood of many highly productive Uinta Basin streams. Locating the reservoir on a map and tracking down its inlets and outlets will point any exploratory angler towards some of the best, low-traffic pieces of water in Utah. Bustling populations of rainbow, cutthroat and land-locked kokanee salmon patrol the deeps and cruise the banks, feeding on crawfish, large scuds, damsel flies, leeches and a variety of still water mayflies.

Two words: Ice-Off. It’s springtime in Utah, and as you’re grabbing some flies at your local shop you overhear the words “ice off” escape from someone’s lips. Ding, ding ding! You have hit the mother lode. More than likely the speaker is referring to the retreating ice sheet on Strawberry Reservoir and the conglomeration of large Cutthroat and Rainbow Trout heading toward the banks in search of warmer water and a fresh meal. Anglers take some of the biggest fish of the year during the first few warm months of the year using a variety of flies. Wooly Buggers and articulated streamers in rust, black, white and olive fished on a sinking line could potentially produce a fish in the 2-5 pound range. These hungry beasts respond to nearly everything you throw at them in the first few weeks of ice-off. Try a few top water options like mouse patterns and poppers for some great action as well.

Beyond ice-off, Strawberry can be fished, water-skied and enjoyed by powerboat, float tube, dingy, pontoon or whatever other floating craft you may have in your arsenal.

Bring the whole family and camp at one of the three campgrounds.

Don't forget the crayfish trap! Crayfish boils are not only delicious, but the pursuit of the crustaceans will keep the kids occupied while you get in some fishing.

See the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Strawberry Reservoir Fishing Report or a map and local regulations.

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