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Winter in St. George

Looking to escape the snow? Take note from in-the-know snowbirds who flock to St. George — Utah’s southernmost desert city — to reap the rewards of mild temperatures and sunny skies. This wintertime refuge rolls out dramatic red rock canyons and palm tree dotted golf courses alongside southwest-inspired dining, shopping and cultural experiences — all without the summertime crowds.

St. George Winter Hikes in St. George

Winter Activities in St. George

St. George serves as a year-round desert hub for snow escapees. The only thing that might be off-limits is water sports. Of course, comfort dictates staying out of the water, but not necessarily off of it, so boating does still occur. 

The Greater Zion basecamp offers luxury resorts and affordable lodging with easy access to golf courses, four state parks and Zion National Park, in addition to shopping, dining, museums and art galleries. Whatever your itinerary, best practices for chilly activities include dressing in layers so you can adjust quickly with the day’s temperature shifts. (Read: Winter in Southern Utah Like a Local)

St. George Children's Museum

Photo: Austen Diamond

Zion National Park in winter.

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St. George restaurants dish up a variety of cuisines.

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St. George Winter Weather

Unlike its sizzling summers, St. George and its surrounding area known as Greater Zion enjoys temperate winter weather. The climate mirrors that of Arizona or Las Vegas, more so than Northern Utah. Between November and February, the average daily high temperature is below 60° F. Dry weather and sunny skies dominate the forecast — snowfall is rare, averaging only two inches per year — with winter temperatures averaging between 31° F and 60° F. Average daily high and low temperatures:

October: 79/53 F (26/12 C)
63/40 F (17/4 C)
53/33 F (12/1 C)
54/32 F (12/0 C)
60/37 F (15/3 C)

Winter Travel Tips

  • Layer up to enjoy the midday sunshine and combat the nighttime freeze.
  • Check the weather. Then check again. Although St. George’s weather is relatively mild, rainstorms can strike suddenly. 
  • Before heading to any park, check park sites for temporary closures or other advisories. 
  • Practicing Forever Mighty and Leave No Trace principles is as important in winter as it is during the summer.

Packing for Winter in Southern Utah

St. George Region

Cozy + colorful.

Photo: Zion Backcountry Glamping

Winter Lodging in St. George

Lucky for visitors, St. George offers a plethora of winter lodging options, from luxury resorts and third-party rentals to affordable hotel chains and even camping sites. Zion National Park’s Watchman Campground and Snow Canyon State Park offer year-round camping amenities. Red Mountain Resort, Green Valley Spa Resort and Inn at Entrada represent St. George’s resort lineup if luxury is more your scene.

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