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Insider's Guide to Park City

The more you know about Park City, the more tempted you'll be to call the valley home (or a home away from home). It's not unheard-of.

Kaylin Richardson has traveled all over the world, but she chose to make Park City her home, her happy place.

As a former American alpine ski racer, World Cup champion and Olympic athlete, Richardson has a deep connection to the snow-blanketed mountainside, but her affection for this city even goes beyond the slopes. Park City’s culture-enriched valley, scenery, food, art and right-out-your-front-door access to all-season adventure happily motivate her to be an advocate.

Living in a location that lacks the slightest chance at boredom, and instead, emanates an ambience of inspiration, Richardson especially enjoys sharing the scenic city with others, today, not next year, embracing the present as much as she can.

“Adventure should be a priority,” says Richardson. “We’re only guaranteed the present. So what I love to encourage people to do is to make it count. Those things that are on your bucket list, there’s no better time [to check them off] than the present.”

In this video, Richardson and a friend share many of their favorite Park City experiences to nudge you to add Park City to your list and go embrace the present.

Must Do's in Park City

  • Deer Valley ResortSome would argue it is impossible to have a bad day at Deer Valley thanks to its customer service and consistently excellent skiing.
  • Stein Eriksen Lodge - Experience five-star hotel luxury surrounded by world-renowned skiing, outdoor recreation, excellent dining and family friendly activities, such as a freestyle movie theater and a game room.
  • Old Town Cellars - You'll leave the cellar having endulged in the Official Wine of Apres with an elegant food and wine tasting experience.
  • Boneyard Saloon and Kitchen - This gastropub is known for its wood-fired cooking and elevated bar food. You'd be crazy not to try its unique spin on small bite plates, pizzas and charcuterie.
  • Handle - Serving American cuisine, Handle strives to wake you up to the joy of fresh cuisine, sourced from local and regional ingredients and served in a lively atmosphere!
  • Historic Main Street - Main Street is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is the centerpiece of this mountain town. It's home to dozens of restaurants, bars, galleries and unique local shopping experiences.
  • All Seasons Adventures - Park City's outdoor guide service, offering guides for a plethora of all-season activities, such as dog sledding, fly fishing, rafting and horseback riding. 

See more of Richardson's sled dog tour and the story behind the sled dogs

  • Downtown Park City

    Downtown Park City

  • The Deer Valley Difference

    The Deer Valley Difference

  • Better Off on Main Street

    Better Off on Main Street

    Go that way, really fast. If something gets in your way, turn.

  • Old Town Cellars

    Old Town Cellars

  • Handle


  • Après Ski.

    Après Ski.

    Stein Eriksen Glitretind

  • All Seasons Adventures

    All Seasons Adventures

    A sled dog experience like no other.

  • Today is the best day.

    Today is the best day.

    Floofy doggo doin a smile.

  • All Seasons Adventures

    All Seasons Adventures

    Check one off the bucket list.

  • Meet and greet

    Meet and greet

    Up close and personal

  • Off the beaten path

    Off the beaten path

    The Boneyard Saloon

  • Play like a champion

    Play like a champion

    Stein Eriksen's Champion's Club

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Sara Hobbs

Sara is a native of Tennessee’s Smoky Mountains. She found herself along the Wasatch Front after taking a pit-stop in Colorado, falling in love with a history buff and happily following his footsteps to the Salt Lake Valley. She’s a big fan of old souls and listening to “Cricket Sounds” on Spotify while she writes and designs professionally or simply just because. After taking a gazillion personality tests, she’s still not sure whether she’s an introvert, extrovert or something-else-vert —— she assumes it depends on the day.

Park City

Park City

Park City

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Park City Classy Warm-Weather Weekend

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