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Fishing Pineview Reservoir

Pineview Reservoir   |  Jay Dash
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The Ogden Valley is a year-round recreation utopia. At the heart of the basin lies a phenomenal record-breaking, warm-water fishery — Pineview Reservoir. This stillwater was, until recently, home to the world record catch and release tiger musky, topping out at 53 inches and over 40 pounds. Every year, generally from May until July, when water temperatures are ideal, toothy-critter aficionados make their pilgrimage to Pineview to patrol the banks for this prehistoric game fish.

Tiger musky can be caught in a variety of ways. When water temperatures are in the mid-50’s, the fish move towards the banks into shallow coves, and structured lies off points and weed beds. This is a game of visibility. Whether fishing from a boat or from shore, try and achieve an elevated vantage point to spot a target fish. Many of the diehards fish from skiffs with platforms on the stern for spotting, but if the water is clear, a bass boat or drift boat will be enough to keep your fly in the zone. Make sure your tackle and fish-handling gear are up for the fight! Hard monofilament or fluorocarbon in the 40-pound class is recommended, with many anglers opting for braided wire. Have handy a set of lipping forceps or clamps and try to keep the fish in the water as much as possible. All tiger musky are mandatory catch and release so keep the fish’s health in mind when handling for photo proof.

Besides tiger musky, Pineview is fertile fishing ground for small and largemouth bass, bluegill, perch and crappie, rainbows, browns, cutthroat and tiger trout. Outfit your little ones with a little spinner or spoon and set them out on a pan fish conquest. The reservoir is a great place for the whole family. Anderson Cove and Jefferson Hunt have ideal camping options and trailer hook-ups with lake access within walking distance. During peak summer months, every type of water recreation will commence. If it gets too crowded, try your luck on the inlets and outlets of the reservoir. The Ogden river and south fork of the Ogden are great streams with stoneflies and drakes buzzing around during May and June.

See the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Pineview Reservoir Fishing Report or a map and local regulations

Pineview is a local favorite summer destination, and can draw crowds in the warmer months. Discover tips for how to responsibly enjoy a day at the reservoir.

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