Fishing Ogden River

Ogden River Fly Fishing
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This Blue Ribbon Fishery runs northeast of Huntsville along State Road 39, about 20 miles from Ogden. Native Bonneville cutthroat, brown trout and whitefish are the common catches.

Traditional baits like salmon eggs and nightcrawlers are a good choice. Small lures and spinners will also turn fish on the South Fork of the Ogden. The river generally runs shallow, with a depth rarely exceeding four feet in most places. Waxworms and mealworms often yield very good results in these conditions.

Fly fishers enjoy the old hopper/dropper technique. If a fish takes a look at the grasshopper or stimulator on top and decides it looks a little too suspicious it very likely will not hesitate to engulf the beadhead nymph dropper. Small jigs are effective in the few deeper pools or beaver dammed areas of the river.

Wildlife Viewing and More

The South Fork of the Ogden River between Causey and Pineview reservoir is moose country, so you won't be fishing alone! At times there are so many moose on the loose in this country that the state wildlife agency rounds them up with helicopters and ships them to other states in trade or augments existing Utah herds.

A weekend in this area is great for moose viewing, fishing and even taking in the night sky. Autumn weekends are ideal for visiting here. The route along State Road 39 from Huntsville to Woodruff is one of the best fall drives in the state (Read: Ogden River Scenic Byway Road Trip).


Be aware

It’s worth noting that this area of the river has had positive results for whirling disease, so please be vigilant when cleaning off your equipment at the end of the day. Also, be certain to not leave behind any fish entrails or bones near the water.


There are multiple entry points for anglers wanting to fish the South Fork of the Ogden. There is a checkerboard of private and public land, so be aware of where you are walking and fishing. The Magpie Campground and Memorial Park are two great destination options for anglers making their first trip to the South Fork of the Ogden.

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