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Ogden is home to a rich outdoor and urban environment that is characterized by what locals call, “grit” — stemming from its historic rail heritage. In Ogden, you can experience a thriving downtown scene among historic 19th-century buildings after having enjoyed a full day riding the slopes, hiking the trails, boating the reservoir and so much more.

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Ogden Activities: Downtown to Dark Skies

Written By Paula Colman

5 minute read

Two days' worth of sun-up-to-sundown Ogden activities — eat, shop and bike where the locals go, end at an International Dark Sky park.

Food & Drink, Stargazing, Support Local, Community

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A view of Pineview Reservoir

Photo: Jay Dash

Ogden's George S Eccles Dinosaur Park

Photo: Mark Osler

Snowshoeing in Ogden

Photo: Jay Dash

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