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Utah Craft Breweries

Here's the thing about the craft brewing scene in Utah: It's thriving. Sure, we don't have the most microbreweries per capita, nor can we claim to drink the most. In terms of total beer consumption, Utah drinks the least in the nation. While Utahns don't drink much, we do drink well: Utah-based breweries annually take home coveted medals from the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) and other high-profile national and international competitions.

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Craft breweries of all sizes can be found throughout Utah, including in Moab near Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, in Springdale at the mouth of Zion National Park, in Price, throughout the Wasatch Front, in Park City and as far north as Logan.

Medal-Winning Breweries

  • Moab Brewery (Moab): This perpetual favorite for bikers, hikers, river rats and regular folk, brews beers and ales on-premise.
  • Wasatch Brew Pub (Salt Lake City):Try a Wasatch brew with locally-sourced, sustainable meals at the Salt Lake International Airport or its locale in the hip Sugar House neighborhood.
  • Uinta Brewing (Salt Lake City): One of the nation's top 50 craft brewers by volume, their products can be found at their facility several blocks to the west of Utah Brewers Co-op.
  • Squatter's Pub Brewery (Salt Lake City): One of Salt Lake's first brewpubs, in business for more than 25 years, with an extensive list of award-winning beer. Squatter's "People, Planet, Profit" mantra means a dedication to great service and sustainable, local products, where possible. Products can also be found at their Utah Brewers Co-op facility in Salt Lake City.
  • Red Rock Brewery (Salt Lake City): Established in 1994, it has consistently delivered high-quality craft beers since its inception. With a national reputation for creativity, having garnered over 100 regional and national awards, and acclaimed as 'Brewpub of the Year' by Brewpub Magazine, Red Rock has become a Salt Lake staple.
  • Epic Brewing Company (Salt Lake City): Has a fast-growing lineup and its Annex gastropub in nearby Sugar House features the brewery's 36 high-point bottled beers and eclectic dishes in a bohemian atmosphere.
  • Roosters Brewing Co (Ogden, Layton and Salt Lake City): Adorned with medals from the International Beer Awards, Roosters Brewing Co. boasts its brewing prowess at locales in Ogden, Layton and the Salt Lake International Airport.
  • Templin Family Brewing (Salt Lake City)Competing against 50 fellow breweries, Templin Family Brewery recently claimed the title of Best Brewery from Lagerville, earning both the People's Choice award and a place in the Lagerville Hall of Fame.
  • Proper Brewing Co (Salt Lake City): Recognized for its commitment to creativity, tradition and attention to detail, Proper has earned numerous awards from major national beer competitions, solidifying its reputation as a standout in Salt Lake City's craft beer scene.
  • Epic Brewing (Salt Lake City): In 2009, Epic Brewing Company broke ground as Utah's first post-prohibition brewery exclusively crafting high-alcohol content beer. Epic’s convention-defying beers have been earning awards ever since.

Squatter's is one of Salt Lake's first brewpubs, in business for more than 25 years, with an extensive list of award-winning beer.

Photo: Sandra Salvas

Squatter's in downtown Salt Lake City.

Photo: Utah Brewer's Cooperative

Utah Liquor Laws Renewed

In 2019, Utah bid farewell to its infamous 3.2% ABV (alcohol by volume) beer law, which dated back to 1933. Today’s liquor laws allow all beer up to 5% alcohol by volume to be sold in grocery and convenience stores.

Global Bottlings: There's a well-reported sentiment that a low-point limit on draught beer actually has a significant benefit for brewers in that it challenges them to brew better, being unable to cover up potential defects in beer with a higher alcohol content. Brewers then take that skill and apply it across their product line. While Utah bars and restaurants only carry local draughts at 5% ABV, they stock bottles of all ABV (alcohol by volume) from around the world.

Utah's Craft Cocktail Scene

  • Night Out: Mixologists put together some pretty incredible craft cocktail menus for your night on the town, whether dining at The Copper Onion, Mar Muntanya, Arlo, Urban Hill or Finca, or grabbing a beverage at Beer Bar after the ballet.
  • High West Distillery (Park City): High West sets the bar for not only whiskey blending, new whiskeys and vodka in Utah, but has earned national distinction for their spirits.
  • Beehive Distillery (Ogden): Their grain-to-glass approach to craft distillation has its team sourcing quality raw materials, distilling their own spirits and patiently aging its earliest products in small batches.
  • Sugar House Distillery (Salt Lake City): Practices a similar craft distillation process as Beehive and holds the distinction of offering Utah's first locally-distilled rum.


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Uniquely Utah

When local breweries and distilleries are paired with a blossoming farm-to-table scene, visitors and locals find flavors unique to Utah virtually anywhere in the state. Many Utah restaurants create carefully crafted cocktail menus, wine pairings or exclusive wines and incredible cuisine.

And while happy hour drink discounts are prohibited by Utah law, the state continually ranks as "the happiest state in America" based on metrics measuring standards of living, health, workforce and economic confidence.

With fresh powder dropping on our peaks and a plethora of resorts close by, we've earned that beer after all the mountain playtime. 

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