Field Guides: Voices From the Forever Mighty Landscape

Meet the people whose lives have been shaped by nature — and are helping others find their way.

Bryce Canyon National Park   |  Angie Payne

Utah’s natural landscapes become easier to appreciate thanks to the guides who help us along the trail. Sometimes guides offer the kind of wisdom, both lived and learned, that's hard for adventurers to absorb in any other way.

Field Guides: That’s what we consider these trail minders, people whose emotional habitats have been shaped by wind and weather and epic vistas. These land ambassadors can help visitors like us come to a deeper understanding of the shared responsibilities of stewarding Utah’s mighty, fragile landscapes.

That’s why we’re launching this series about the lives of Utah’s guides. We’re focusing on people whose avocations and vocations have drawn them deeper into the canyons, mountains and deserts that most of us simply visit. Those who help us recreate responsibility. Those who share what can be termed the Forever Mighty ethos.

We asked guiding questions:

  • How did you choose this life?
  • What have you learned from the land?
  • How has your life been transformed by nature?
  • And what guidance would you offer to those who follow?

We’re launching this series with stories: of a retired national park superintendent who is still stargazing and wandering; a fishing guide with a listening ear and a well-honed vision; a ranger who rebuilt his life after tragedy; a hawk researcher who can’t — or won’t — stay out of nests; and a biologist whose passion is as salty and mysterious as the creatures and the lake she studies.

We hope you’ll be inspired by these stories — and the wisdom in each chapter of the series.

Field Guides: Voices From the Forever Mighty Landscape

Forever Mighty

Traveling responsibly means planning ahead. Reading ahead. Slowing down when possible and stopping to fully appreciate all that is around you, whether you’re traveling alone or with friends and family. For some, it can mean giving back. Becoming ambassadors of place. And coming back year after year. Visiting Utah is about so much more than recreation. It’s about soul-awakening adventures. It’s about a shared ethic we call Forever Mighty.


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