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Snowbird Ski Resort

Snowbird Ski Resort   |  Scott Markewitz
  • Status: Summer Operations
  • Weather: Cloudy, 35F

Snowbird has the longest ski season in Utah. It frequently opens before Thanksgiving and stays open as long as the snowpack will allow (usually through Memorial Day), and it's not unheard of to ski or ride at Snowbird on the 4th of July. Snowbird Resort's generous season means more time on its 3,240 top-to-bottom vertical and its 2,500 acres. As the crow flies, Snowbird is the nearest resort to the Salt Lake City International Airport. Unless you're traveling by crow, you'll typically find Snowbird, like the other incredible Cottonwood Canyons-area resorts, in fewer than 45 minutes by car. From the resort's base, it's just a matter of getting up the hill.

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  • Ten lifts - There are ten lifts whose aspirations to reach the top match your own, but there's just something special about the Tram at Snowbird.
  • Local knowledge - People actually want to get stuck up the canyon when it snows really, really hard, restricting access to and from the valley. On these special days, all the powder is reserved for the lodgers.
  • The big-horn-sheep's-eye view - The view from the canyon includes Mount Superior, Peruvian Gulch, Gad Valley and the Twin Peaks area overlooking Mineral Basin.
  • Guided skiing - The slopes of Mineral Basin are a must see. For this reason, consider snowcat-accessed guided skiing at Snowbird. It’s a terrific tour led by the experienced Snowbird ski patrol that grants access to Mineral Basin's wide-open 500 acres of adventure.
  • Not into tours? - Consider finding your way into Mineral Basin and the Lupine Loop (a beginner's trail) via North America's only ski tunnel, the Peruvian Tunnel. It’s a 600-foot-long conveyor lift that shuttles snow enthusiasts to their next big adventure, with dance music to amp things up.
  • Heli-skiing - The Wasatch Powderbirds heli-skiing guides will serve up all the dry, virgin powder you crave.
  • Run tip - Snowbird has a beginner terrain park, but for freestyle skiers and riders already amped up on life, head for Chip's Run, a 2.5-mile-long run where snowboarders build jumps and take on a natural quarter pipe.


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