Snow Canyon State Park

Snow Canyon State Park   |  Angie Payne
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On the borders of ecosystems, eras and civilizations, you’ll find some of the most remarkable travel destinations. Snow Canyon State Park is one such place. Located at the edge of the Mojave Desert, Great Basin and Colorado Plateau, Snow Canyon State Park explodes with dramatic geology perfect for outdoor adventure — and photo opportunities. Contrary to its name, Snow Canyon State Park stuns visitors with vibrant orange rock formations, petrified dunes, and unexpected pockets of water. The park gets its name from Erastus Snow, a key Mormon pioneer, and only occasionally receives dustings of snow.
Snow Canyon’s Navajo sandstone cliffs share the same history and geology as Zion National Park to the east. Cut by water and sculpted by wind and time, they may make you wonder why it isn't a national park.

As recently as 27,000 years ago, lava flows exerted their powerful force, reshaping the canyons and creating the park’s distinctive landscapes. The blend of Navajo sandstone cliffs, petrified sand dunes and broad lava fields make this terrain a fantastic playground for adventurous travelers and families looking to give kids an outlet to expend some of their boundless energy.

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Entry Fee & Camping

A day-use pass or Annual Utah State Park Pass is required for entry and can be purchased in person or online. For non-residents, entry costs $15.00 per vehicle and $5.00 for pedestrians or cyclists. 

The campground at Snow Canyon State Park includes 14 RV sites with water and electrical hook-ups and 17 multi-use campsites. Pets are only allowed at the campground on West Canyon Road and Whiptail Trail. Advance camping reservations are recommended. Outside the park, St. George offers many campsites of choice.

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Base Camp St. George

Snow Canyon State Park is just 10 miles from nearby St. George, Utah’s warm-weather haven for people of all ages and interests. St. George offers a wide range of local dining and accommodations and is a great base camp for visitors to Zion and Bryce National Parks, multiple scenic state parks and Lake Powell. Within the town, you can experience championship golfing or relax at a world-class health and fitness spa like Green Valley Boutique Hotel and Spa.

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