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Antelope Island State Park   |  Dave Sansom

Northern Utah

Northern Utah combines mountains, lakes and reservoirs, pioneer and Native American heritage and Utah's biggest cities. There are mountainous parks and forests where you can ski, snowboard, hike, bike or camp.

It's also the heart of Utah's urban experiences, boasting vibrant main streets and downtown centers with night life, festivals and performing arts. 

Cruising through Americana small towns like Spring City, as well as those named from Mormon scripture, such as Ephraim and Manti, you'll discover Utah's quaint "Mormon Country." 

Recommended trip lengths for the Northern Utah region:

Allow two days to experience Salt Lake City.

Add an additional day for each of the following stops:

To extend your stay to Vernal and the Dinosaur National Monument area, add another two days.

To experience Jurassic National Monument and the San Rafael Swell, add an additional day or two. 

Explore the Cities and Towns

State Parks & Reservoirs

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