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Mexican Hat   |  Jay Dash
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This curiously named town draws its moniker from a rock formation that, from some angles, resembles a sombrero, or a "Mexican Hat." The formation is about two and a half miles northeast of town. Mexican Hat is on Hwy 163, 20 miles southwest of Bluff where a bridge passes over the San Juan River.

The settlement was founded by E.L. Goodridge who established an unproductive oil claim there in 1908. These days what is on the surface is of more interest than what might lie below. Mexican Hat is the take-out point for daily San Juan River trips. Friday and Saturday evenings in the summer, musicians often play at the Mexican Hat Lodge.

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Expert Journal: Climbing the Mexican Hat

Mexican Hat, one of Utah’s strangest rock formations, balances a flattened pancake disk atop a 300-foot-high talus cone. It’s really not a hat at all, but a sombrero with a wide brim jutting above a narrow head.

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Mexican Hat

Photo: Rosie Serago

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