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Harnessing Passion: The Arctic Rescue Sled Dog Team

Once seen as “unadoptable,” these rescued pups have proven themselves unstoppable.


Maren and Racer Gibson created the Arctic Breeds Rescue after encountering Huskies and Malamutes deemed “unadoptable” by others. Frankly, they believed the opposite. Twenty years ago, the Gibsons witnessed a need and took action — they saw the energetic gift of these pups and gave them a chance.

The Gibsons are knowledgable of Huskies and Malamutes and know these breeds are often misunderstood; the dogs are lively and energetic, and if this energy doesn’t receive an appropriate outlet, it can be channeled negatively. With this in mind, the Gibsons were inspired to create a dog sledding operation called Team G Sled Dogs, booked through All Seasons Resorts in Park City, Utah, giving the energetic rescues and fosters independence and purpose. Pulling the sleds allows them to run and embrace the open spaces of Park City. Now, rather than being perceived as “unadoptable,” the dogs have proven themselves unstoppable.

In this video, Maren and Racer Gibson share more on why they established Team G Sled Dogs and how they’ve helped to not only give understanding to the rescues, but have helped educate others in the gifts of these breeds. Warning: if you’re not a dog lover before “pressing play,” just wait until you’ve witnessed a couple of pup kisses, some sleds and snow-filled, running-free joy.

More information on All Season Adventure's dog sledding and to book a sled tour, click here. To see more of Park City featuring Team G Sled Dogs, watch our video: Insiders Guide to Park City.

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  • Harnessing Passion

    Harnessing Passion

    For the love of running.

  • Off season training

    Off season training

    Maren and Sputnik on the trail.

  • Today is the best day.

    Today is the best day.

    Floofy doggo doin a smile.

  • Super Sputnik

    Super Sputnik

    Sled dog lead, Sputnik, and Timmy play off the snow year round

  • Gib snacks here hooman.

    Gib snacks here hooman.

    Chimken nuggers please.

  • All Seasons Adventures

    All Seasons Adventures

    Check one off the bucket list.

  • Team G

    Team G

    Racer and Maren prep the pups for a run.

  • Patiently waiting

    Patiently waiting

    The calm before the run.

  • Meet and greet

    Meet and greet

    Up close and personal

  • Maren and Racer Gibson

    Maren and Racer Gibson

    Owners and operators of Arctic Rescue and Team G Sled Dogs

  • Run Sputnik, Run!

    Run Sputnik, Run!

  • Hello, hooman.

    Hello, hooman.

    Your breath smells like delicious. Have treats to gib?

  • Thanks for bein a fren.

    Thanks for bein a fren.

    Now hand ober all the snackos.

  • All Seasons Adventures

    All Seasons Adventures

    A sled dog experience like no other.

  • I dream of treatos.

    I dream of treatos.

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