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Utah is made up of vibrant and historic cities and towns, all surrounded by natural beauty. These natural landscapes are designated as national parks, national monuments, national forests, state parks and millions of additional acres of open spaces with no official designation save for "Utah."

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Many visitors begin by looking for a place to take a vacation. But why stop there? Why not ask for more?

How about a place to take your breath away? A place to feel the rush of icy whitewater cascading over the boat’s bow or a place to tap in to the rhythms of nature? Maybe a place to reconnect over good food, drinks and casual laughter, a place to imagine the past or marvel at the vastness of the night sky? Utah is full of places to find adventure, to make stories you’ll remember forever and tell your grandkids about. Repeatedly.

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Looking to spend a week on the open roads of southern Utah? Spend it at The Mighty 5® and the national monuments and state parks in between.
  • The Mighty 5 National Parks
  • All-American Road Scenic Byway 12
  • Grand Staircase–Escalante National Monument
  • Lake Powell
Kanab is the ideal adventure base camp for six days of scrambling and exploring many of America’s greatest scenic wonders.
  • Grand Staircase–Escalante National Monument
  • Lake Powell
  • North Rim Grand Canyon
  • Zion National Park
If you want to venture off the beaten path and explore hidden gems before they become Instagram-famous, then this six-day itinerary is for you.
  • Arches National Park Devils Garden
  • Monument Valley Spirit Tour
  • Capitol Reef and the Burr Trail
  • The Great Basin