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  • Weather: Chance Showers And Thunderstorms, 76F
Scofield Reservoir State Park is high in the La Sal Mountains near Helper, Utah. Once a bustling mining town, it’s now a quiet place for a tranquil getaway. The stunning 2,800-acre reservoir is ideal for boating, camping, hiking and year-round fishing. Whether you visit to cool down in the summer or want a peaceful winter base camp, Scofield is a spectacular mountain setting you don’t want to miss.

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History of the Park

In the 1870s, settlers were drawn to the area thanks to the large tracts of grazing land available and aptly named it Pleasant Valley. The park got its name from General Charles W. Scofield, a lumberjack who became the president of Utah’s first coal mining company.

During a mining boom in the 1920s, Scofield was bustling. It featured a post office, 12 stores, four large hotels and a population of more than 6,000 residents. True to the Wild West, it also had 13 saloons. But the mines depleted, as they tend to do, and these days, fewer than 50 people call Scofield home. It just adds to the peace of the area.

Photo: Courtney Boice of Blue Halo

Scofield Reservoir State Park Weather 

At 7,600 feet above sea level, Utah's highest-elevation state park enjoys cooler temperatures than the valley. Scofield is a great escape from intense heat in summer, but temperatures drop quickly below freezing in the winter, especially at night. Always be sure to check the weather. If you’re planning an ice fishing trip, make sure to prepare with the right gear. 

Average Daily High and Low Temperature:

June: 70/38 F (21/3 C)
July: 77/45 F (25/7 C)
August: 75/43 F (23/6 C)
September: 67/35 F (19/1 C)
October: 54/26 F (12/-3 C)
November: 39/16 F (4/-8 C)
December: 29/3 F (1/-16 C)

Before You Go

Things To Know

  • Scofield Reservoir State Park is about 120 miles southeast of Salt Lake City. Take the I-15 all the way down to the Price-Manti exit. Then go east on State Route 6, then turn right on S.R. 96. From there, it’s 10 miles to the park. You can also access the park from the town of Scofield from the South on S.R. 96.
  • A day-use entry fee is required, purchase in-person or online. The Annual Utah State Park Pass is accepted for park entry. Advance camping reservations are recommended.
  • With an elevation of 7,600 feet, it’s essential to wear sunscreen and drink plenty of water, especially for guests who are new to high altitude. 
  • The park is open year-round from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. for day use and is fully available for camping from May to October. Most camping amenities are closed in the winter.
  • Scofield Reservoir State Park campgrounds are pet-friendly. Keep  dogs leashed and clean up after them when exploring the park. 

Responsible Travel Tips

Responsible travel helps keep our state parks in great shape for future guests. If you’re planning a visit to Scofield Reservoir State Park, here are some simple tips: 

  • If you’re planning to fish, familiarize yourself with Utah wildlife and fishery regulations, limits and license requirements. 
  • Keep cars, trash, and other pollutants away from the reservoir to protect water quality and aquatic life. 
  • Plan and prepare to pack out all of your garbage.
  • For campfires, use the designated fire rings and extinguish fires completely. You should also familiarize yourself with fire safety practices
  • Whether driving a car or hiking, use designated routes and trails.
  • Only use existing campsites; do not try and set up camp off-site.
  • Respect local wildlife and plants at all times. Don’t pick flowers, collect rocks, make carvings in trees, etc. 

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