Canyonlands Grand View Point

This is the view point to rule them all. If you ever wondered why they call this place Canyonlands, look no further than the sweeping scene that sprawls out before your eyes at Canyonlands National Park's Grand View Point.

The National Park Service has placed several wonderful interpretive signs at the Grand View Trailhead, including a panoramic sign that names many of the prominent features in the area such as the Totem Pole, the confluence of the Colorado and Green Rivers, and the White Rim Road winding its way around Island in the Sky.

This trail is flat all the way, but poorly defined in spots, with lots of cairns showing the way. Be careful not to get too close to the cliffs: It’s a long way down. If you have small children, watch them carefully.

At the end of the trail, you can sit and absorb a truly grand view, contemplating how nature transformed what was formerly a featureless plain into what you see today.

Overview: An easy day hike to a spectacular view.

Start: Grand View Point Overlook

Distance: 2 miles; out-and-back

Difficulty: Easy

Maps: USGS Monument Basin; Trails Illustrated Island in the Sky

Finding the trailhead: Drive south from the Island in the Sky Visitor Center for 12 miles all the way to the end of the main road.

Trailhead GPS: 38.310751, -109.856605

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