Arctic Rescue’s Park City Dog Sledding Team

Once seen as “unadoptable,” these rescued pups have proven themselves unstoppable.

Written By Sara Hobbs

Maren and Racer Gibson created the Arctic Breeds Rescue after encountering Huskies and Malamutes deemed “unadoptable” by others. Frankly, they believed the opposite. Twenty years ago, the Gibsons witnessed a need and took action — they saw the energetic gift of these pups and gave them a chance.

The Gibsons are knowledgeable of Huskies and Malamutes and know these breeds are often misunderstood; the dogs are lively and energetic, and if this energy doesn’t receive an appropriate outlet, it can be channeled negatively. With this in mind, the Gibsons were inspired to create a dog sledding operation called Team G Sled Dogs. The team’s Park City dog sledding tours are booked through All Seasons Adventures, giving the energetic rescues and fosters independence and purpose. Pulling the sleds allows them to run and embrace the open spaces of Park City. Now, rather than being perceived as “unadoptable,” the dogs have proven themselves unstoppable.

Explore some the dog sledding guides in the Park City area:

All Seasons Adventures

Get off the beaten path and explore Park City's local community with All Seasons Adventures as your guide. They offer guiding services for dog sledding tours plus a plethora of all-season activities, including fly fishing, fat biking, rafting and horseback riding. The tour guides all come from different backgrounds, lifestyles and experiences but collectively share a passion for outdoor activities and guiding others along the way.

Bear Ridge Adventures

Bear Ridge Adventures, located 25 minutes away from Park City in Coalville, is a family run business focused solely on dog sledding. They offer their clients three options for authentic dog sled tours: one-hour, two-hour, and half-day tours all with a full 10 to 12 dog team. Experiencing is a dog sled is a great way to really dive in and get to know more about mushing and the huskies.

Rancho Luna Lobos

Another family-owned business, Rancho Luna Lobos, is located about 20 minutes northeast of Park City in Peoa. The owners, Dana and Fernando, consider the sledding pack part of their family. Having raced sled dogs since he was a kid, Fernando continues to race professionally on the international stage. Luna Lobos dog sled adventures are recommended for ages three and up, due to the cold. Rides typically last about an hour and a half, and sleds can include two riders plus a guide.

Dog Sledding Guides Near Park City


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