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Horseback Riding in Utah

Hit the trail the old-fashioned away, atop a trusty horse. Horseback riding provides a unique vantage point and timeless way to explore some of the state’s best trails.

Utah’s seasonal variation allows for a lengthy horseback riding season. Summertime is the perfect time to hit the trails in Northern Utah’s mountains, exploring basins of wildflowers, alpine lakes and peaks. In cooler weather, especially spring and fall, opt for a Southern Utah adventure riding through canyon country. Immerse yourself in a fiery show of colors, with hues of red, orange, yellow and lavender, alongside otherworldly rock formations like spires, arches, natural bridges and mesas.

Riding in the National Parks Popular Riding Locations

Popular Horseback Riding Locations

Northern Utah

Incredible riding is available within an hour of Salt Lake City.

Southern Utah


Antelope Island

Park City

Horseback Riding in Utah’s National Parks

Utah’s national parks feature some of the most scenic horseback riding around. Revel in the sights of the Mighty 5 while exploring on horseback. Additionally, Grand Staircase–Escalante National Monument, national forests and many other public lands allow horseback riding. Be sure to check rules and regulations and inquire about permits ahead of time. 

Bryce Canyon

Photo: Steve Greenwood


Arches allows day rides in a variety of areas but there are restrictions on their use and where they can go. 

Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon offers a few options for horseback riding, including a horse trail and guided trail rides. Select a guided two-hour ride to the canyon floor (ages 7+) or a three-hour complete canyon tour (ages 10+). Examine rock formations and soak up stunning canyon views while making life-long memories.


In Canyonlands, explore the backcountry roads or Horseshoe Canyon. Be sure to obtain a permit and follow all the regulations

Capitol Reef

Capitol Reef offers up a number of horseback rides, including Halls Creek, South Desert and Miners Mountain. The park also offers backcountry camping options with horses (permits required, rules apply) and a special equestrian staging area. 


Zion allows horses on a number of trails. Hop Valley Site A is an overnight stock camp in the park, though use is limited to one night. Please be sure to read all the rules and regulations while planning your trip.

Things To Know

Tread Lightly offers tips for responsible horseback riding, including:

  • Stay on designated trails, roads and areas where horses are allowed; don’t cut switchbacks.

  • Ride single file on a trail, but spread out in areas without trails where horses are allowed.

  • Match your skill level to your horse. 

  • Be considerate of other trail users, and know people may be afraid of horses.

  • Avoid ecologically sensitive areas such as wetlands, cryptobiotic desert soil, lakeshores, meadows, streams, and nesting and breeding areas. Be sure to water horses on sturdy stream banks where they won’t cause damage.

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