Fall Foliage   |  Austen Diamond

Fall Foliage

Your mouth has been agape ever since you pulled onto this scenic highway. Don’t worry — it’s a totally normal response as folks take in Utah’s abundant and colorful fall foliage. Keep driving along the scenic byway or pullover to hike deep into Utah’s wild woods, and take in some of the best fall foliage you’ll find anywhere in America.

Utah is an ideal place to see nature’s paintbrush at play. There are a number of native trees which create brilliant hues of red, orange, yellow, and purple (sometimes all on the same tree!). A cascade of color comes from canyon maple, quaking aspen, scrub oak, Douglas hawthorn, serviceberries, evergreens, and more — each turning in succession.

Utah's wide array of forests, national parks and scenic byways are all located at different elevations and receive varying amounts of rainfall. This creates a multitude of peak viewing times throughout the state, so you can come early or late in the season and still spot breathtaking colors.

When to See Utah’s Fall Leaves

It’s difficult to predict the exact dates of the leaves turning because there are a number of factors involved. But a good gauge is to assume that the best fall foliage viewing season begins in the highest elevations in mid-September and wraps in early-October in most places.

The season beckons for long weekend drives and adventurous hiking and backpacking trips. Let us take you there — read on to find the best places for viewing fall foliage, and what else to do along the way.

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