Green River Scene: Tamarisk Restaurant, Green River Coffee Company

There’s nothing better than knowing of a good stopping spot on a road trip where you can grab something to eat and stretch. On I-70 in Utah, take comfort in the fact that Green River has you covered a coffee pick-me-up or a more substantial meal.


When you are road-tripping from one adventure to another, there’s nothing better than knowing of a good stopping spot where you can grab something to eat and stretch your legs. If you find yourself heading down I-70 on your next vacation, take comfort in the fact that Green River has you covered if you need a quick coffee pick-me-up or a more substantial meal.

Nestled on the shores of the mighty Green River just a couple miles off I-70, Tamarisk Restaurant offers tasty dishes ranging from burgers and salads to some interesting and nostalgic specials, like liver and onions, or regional favorites like Navajo Fry Bread. The upscale family restaurant has been a staple in the area since 1979, and is large enough to accommodate tour groups.

Tamarisk is open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., so you can stop here for breakfast, lunch or dinner and either start or finish your day here (there is also plenty to do in the area and several overnight options in Green River). The massive and tasty breakfast burrito or huevos rancheros will help kickstart you in the early morning hours, and the Bacon blue cheese burger or popular grilled salmon is a great way to end the day. While you are eating, you might spot boaters and rafters floating by on the river, and if you’re lucky enough to settle in just before sunset, you are sure to see a wonderful spectacle of colors in the sky as the sun goes down. With a solid 4-star TripAdvisor rating and Certificate of Excellence, customers frequently recommend Tamarisk for solid food and great service.

If you want a smaller bite to eat, or can’t function in the morning until you get your coffee, Green River Coffee Company is a caffeine oasis along the drive from Salt Lake City to Moab. Pouring piping hot java, this mom-and-pop shop also serves up espresso drinks, tea, steamers, and more. But don’t just settle for the drinks, because this simple, no-fuss spot has some tasty food options as well.

Breakfast is served all day here, and has options like multigrain pancakes or the chorizo burrito, both of which are some of the best in Southern Utah. The shop also offers some tasty lunchtime sandwiches, like a classic tuna melt or Amy’s Flavor Bomb (pesto, prosciutto, feta, provolone, avocado, tomato, onion, spinach, and mushrooms). Whatever you get, no matter the time of day, save some room for a rootbeer float, or one of eight other ice cream flavors available. Hours vary depending on the season, but most days the shop is open from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Address and GPS Coordinates

Tamarisk Restaurant
1710 Main Street in Green River, UT
 38.993154, -110.141894

Green River Coffee Company
25 E Main Street, Green River, UT
38.995739, -110.161846

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