Dinosaur National Monument

Northeastern Utah’s dinosaur legacy comes to life at Dinosaur National Monument, where geological and climatic forces have tilted, warped, and eroded the earth’s crust to reveal a treasure trove of fossils.

Located on the Utah border with Colorado, there is something for everyone in Dinosaur National Monument. Take your pick of touring the dinosaur quarry (kids love seeing the cool bones and fossils), going on driving tours around the park, hiking the nature trails, backpacking, white-water river running, photography, bird-watching, fishing, general sightseeing, and biking.

Looking for simple relaxation? You may be interested to know that Dinosaur National Monument, Utah ranks as one of the country’s quietest places. And the monument has another thing going for it as well: clean air. It can be measured by the intensity of color in the lichen on the rocks. The park also boasts some of the most magnificent  Dark Skies in the state, perfect for stargazing and connecting with the monument's primordial foundation. Look for Dark Sky programs at the Split Mountain Campground

Come for the magnificent prehistory, stay for the outdoor adventure. Whether you have a passion for paleontology or an inkling for adventure, Dinosaur National Monument offers a full array of rich history and scenic splendor, all connected by beautiful trails, rivers or rugged desert backcountry.

Dinosaur Adventures at a Glance

Dinosaur National Monument features two distinct districts with separate visitor centers. The gateway to the park's prehistory is in the Dinosaur Quarry near Jensen, Utah. Here you will uncover the world-famous fossil exhibits that give the park its name. The Canyon district extends along the Green and Yampa rivers and provides extensive outdoor recreation opportunity. Check out the interactive map below to find more things to do in the region.

Must-see and Must-do Dinosaur Guide

• Observe Dinosaur Bones at the Quarry Exhibit Hall

• Read the “Stories in the Rocks”: Visit Petroglyphs and Pictographs

• Enjoy the Monument’s Many Day Hikes

• Drive the Scenic Back Roads

• Run Whitewater River Rapids

Read the full must-see guide to Dinosaur National Monument. Utah visitors will find more helpful trip planning information below.

Logistics and Information

Plan your trip: Explore Dinosaur's weather, geology, park fees and nearby restaurant and hotel options.

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Dinosaur Hiking Guide

Explore geology, prehistory, forests, rivers and scenes as you hike Dinosaur National Monument.

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"The Stories in the Rock"

Early Native American activity in Dinosaur National Park dates back 12,000 years. Explore and interpret their stories, etched in stone.

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Dinosaur National Monument

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