Magnificent Seven

The Magnificent Seven is a link-up of several great mountain bike trails located north of Moab, Utah. This group of quality trails falls solidly within the intermediate and expert level, and contributes to the world-class mountain biking the area is known for. These are some of the finest trails Utah has to offer, combining scenic views with fast, flowing, and technical riding. The sections located along the Gemini Bridges 4x4 route can be connected together in any number of ways to fit your group’s abilities and desires, but the favorite link up, the Magnificent Seven (Mag 7) combines seven trails for a 26-mile point-to-point ride finishing on Potash Road.

This is an accomplishment you will celebrate.

Moab Winter Mountain Biking in Southern Utah

When doing the Mag 7 most people arrange a car shuttle by leaving a car at the Poison Spider trailhead on S.R. 279 (an asphalt and dirt route also known as Potash Road) and driving to the trailhead on S.R. 313. Independent commercial shuttle services are available. Check at any of the outdoor shops in Moab for more information.

The route begins at the trailhead on S.R. 313. Start by riding a short section of the Gemini Bridges Road before splitting onto the Bull Run Trail. Bull Run is a 5.4-mile section of trail that runs along the edge of Bull Canyon before rejoining Gemini Bridge for a short stretch. The next section you will come to is Arth’s Corner. This is a relatively smooth, fast downhill ride that's perfect for those who like to rail the turns. Arth’s corner eventually meets up with Metal Masher Road.

Next up is Little Canyon Singletrack. This 2.3 miles of downhill is a mix of fun singletrack and open sandstone that leads to a wash. From the wash, pedal up the rock shelf, and ride to the Gold Bar Rim section. You will make your way up a two-mile grade of entertaining slickrock before joining the Gold Bar Rim jeep trail. Climb the jeep trail for 1.8 miles to reach the top of the rim.

From the rim you will continue to the Golden Spike jeep trail. For the next six miles your ride will be a series of ups and downs until you will intersect the Poison Spider Trail. From here, the Poison Spider trail provides the safest descent, though it sometimes passes through sandy stretches which can pose some difficulty. Experienced riders may opt to link to Portal Trail, but please note that Portal contains some serious steep cliff exposure at the beginning and rocky technical riding below. Know your ability and walk your bike through the difficult sections. Riders have died from trying to ride these advanced sections of the trail rather than walking. Don’t make this fatal mistake by overestimating your skills.

You will eventually make your way to S.R. 279 or Potash Road and your car/shuttle. There are several loops, link ups, and out-and-backs that can be done to make the ride longer and/or shorter. Other notable trails in the area that can be linked in are the 7-UP Trail and the Getaway.

This Moab classic point-to-point mountain bike ride minimizes climbing and maximizes the down-hilling, and has a healthy dose of technical terrain and wild scenery. This trail should be considered by any serious mountain bike enthusiast.

To get to the start of the ride, take Highway 191 North of Moab to S.R. 313 and turn left. Follow S.R. 313 for 13.8 miles to the Gemini Bridges Road and Magnificent Seven Trailhead. You can bike the Mag 7 year-round, but spring and fall are the most popular. Summer can be very hot, and during the winter months you may encounter snow and mud.

Staying in Moab also puts you near Arches and Canyonlands National Parks for some post-ride sightseeing.

GPS Coordinates: 38.573803, -109.791012

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