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Kite Skiing

Thanks to a wide diversity of terrain and The Greatest Snow on Earth®, Utah continues to redefine freestyle winter sports. Kite skiing, also known as kiteboarding (kite snowboarding) or snowkiting is the marriage of snow skis or boards and paragliding-like sails into one very GoPro-friendly activity. Imagine cross country skiing — sailing across snow and ice — propelled by a power kite and wind, carving and jumping on mountain tops.

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Postcards From the Road: Skyline Adventure

Get hooked on kite skiing: Renowned outdoor photographer Jeremiah Watt takes on Central Utah's high-plateau frontier, Skyline Drive, capturing perfect conditions for a killer day of kite skiing. 

Learn to Kite Ski

Brand new to kite skiing? The Utah Snowkite Center and Uinta Kiting offers lessons and guides within the areas surrounding Salt Lake City and Park City. Harnesses, kites and bars are provided for use during most lessons. 

Where to Kite Ski

The Skyline Drive snowkiting area in Utah's Manti-La Sal National Forest is a premiere kite skiing location, with crosswind attacks ranging from 5 to 20 mph at a breathtaking 10,000 feet. 

From the Sanpete Valley, you can access the main Skyline Drive snowkiting area at Fairview Canyon on Highway 31 at mile marker 14. Parking and restrooms are located at the launch site. Snowplows keep Highway 31 cleared throughout the winter. From Salt Lake City, head south on I-15 and take Exit 261 at Spanish Fork and continue south on Highway 89 until you reach the town of Fairview. If you’re traveling from the south, take I-70 Exit 56 at Salina and head north on Highway 89 to Fairview. Four-wheel drive and a snowmobile may be required for different access points. See the Sanpete County snowmobile map (PDF).

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