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Heli Ski & Snowboarding

Sometimes the perfect line isn't accessed by lifts or by hiking. Sometimes as you examine a mountain face in Utah, you see a promising fin of snow and know exactly where the bottomless powder fields will reveal themselves.

Indeed, maybe you've heard tales of a particular Wasatch mountain steep you have to check out because you're a skilled skier who cannot be contained by boundaries and you're prepared to spend a little extra money for the freedom of a backcountry run. For those instances, when you want to get beyond the boundaries, it might just be time to book a helicopter. You can be quickly transported in warmth and comfort as you fly to the top of long powder runs, all with the security of helpful avalanche-expert guides with detailed knowledge of the land and the lines you’ve got your eyes on. This is the attraction of Utah heli skiing and snowboarding, and the cost is always worth it.

About Utah's Backcountry

Every day, thousands of people enjoy Utah's famous backcountry — the areas outside of ski area boundaries. A lot of skiers, snowmobilers, snowshoers, snowboarders, hikers, climbers and other sports enthusiasts regularly take to Utah's very accessible backcountry from hundreds of trailheads throughout the state. Those leaving the protection of ski area boundaries or entering the backcountry from a trailhead need standard avalanche rescue gear, avalanche training and need to regularly consult the Utah Avalanche Center website for critical avalanche safety information before venturing out. (Read: 4 Tips to Prepare for Utah's Winter Backcountry)

Technical Ability

  • There are extra responsibilities with heli-skiing and riding. Guides will bring you up to speed on their terrain, but to learn more about backcountry access and safety, get information on where to go now or just stay current on the most accurate conditions being reported in Utah, check out the Utah Avalanche Center.
  • That said, heli-skiing and riding isn't just for experts, but you should be a skilled skier or rider if you're going out into the backcountry.

Utah Heli-Skiing and Snowboarding Guides

  • Powderbird calls Snowbird in Little Cottonwood Canyon their home. Why is this important? Take a look at their location on Google Maps and back out several clicks to a broader view. Now you get it: they operate smack dab in the middle of Utah's renowned Wasatch Mountain Range — between the vibrantly metropolitan Salt Lake Valley (a.k.a. Ski City U.S.A.) and the celebrated Park City area.
    Granted, there are plenty of opportunities to find The Greatest Snow on Earth® at Utah's finest resorts, but  Powderbird touts helicopter skiing as "the undisputed champ of on-snow adventure." First tracks, seemingly uncharted terrain, endless powder and skill mastery (safety first!) are all yours with a heli-skiing experience. The professionals of Powderbird offer guided access to all of to the caches and steeps you crave.
  • Diamond Peaks Heli Ski Adventures launches from the top of Powder Mountain Resort and takes you over Pow-Mow's mountains to nearby peaks that will feel even more untouched and untamed than some of Powder Mountain's incredible slopes.
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