Moab Giants Dinosaur Museum and Paleosafari

Wander indoor and outdoor exhibits where technology meets prehistory

The Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric Highway is a road trip through ancient times, catching many of the best dinosaur attractions in eastern Utah. There are trails out here where hikers come into unexpected contact with fossilized history — and unexpectedly come into contact with the Earth’s long and tumultuous geologic timeline. It gets you thinking.

Located at the southern point of the Dinosaur Diamond, a region with a high concentration of fossilized dinosaur footprints, Moab Giants Dinosaur Park is an amazing combination of indoor and outdoor exhibits where technology meets prehistory. You can spend hours traveling through the museum on your own, looking at photos, reading stories about dinosaurs, or taking advantage of a guided tour that will give you an in-depth look into the paleontology and history of dinosaurs in the Moab region.

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Inside the museum, you will begin your journey through Moab Giants by watching a 3D film about prehistoric life. After the film, feel free to wander about and use the touch screen terminals to gain insight into each exhibit and to play educational games — technology is a big part of this museum and is used to facilitate discovery, interaction and highlight paleontology of the region. The museum also has viewing windows that let you look into labs where actual scientists are conducting a range of research projects. You are encouraged to do your own experiments as well, by creating your own fossilized tracks in order to learn how they were originally made and preserved in stone.

When you are done indoors, head outside for the standout highlights of Moab Giants. More than 100 reconstructions of life-size dinosaurs, each made with great attention to detail, are on display. The half-mile Dinosaur Trail that winds its way through stunning red desert country will have you walking among detailed replicas of these giant animals. This gives you the chance to discover numerous species up close and personal, and to see what tracks they left behind. This interactive paleo safari exhibition is unlike anything else.

For the younger folks, Moab Giants has a playground that is equipped with a climbing wall, webs, swings, slides and, of course, a dinosaur dig, where kids of any age can uncover buried dinosaur remains.

If you’ve happened to work up an appetite wandering the trail and learning at the various museum exhibitions, you will find a satisfying and sensible breakfast or lunch at the in-house café. The menu is complete with local fare as well as dishes from around the world. A gift shop is also located on the campus where you can purchase any number of items to commemorate your visit.

Whether you are a scientist, history buff, dinosaur-lover or dinosaur park enthusiast, Moab Giants offers a unique experience through an interactive journey into the prehistoric Colorado Plateau. A visit here is unlike anything in all of the West. Explore more dinosaur sites and paleontology in Utah.

Finding Moab Giants

112 West SR-313
Moab, UT 84532

Spring-Fall: 10am-6pm
Winter: 9am-5pm (Beginning Nov 1st)

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GPS Coordinates: 38.543939, -109.761166

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