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Ski Gear Expert Advice

Utah has uniquely velvety powder conditions here you're not likely to find anywhere else. Any skis will work, but the right skis will make a difference on a powder day. When renting or buying gear, Utah's passionate skiers and boarders behind the counter will get you outfitted for the perfect day on Utah's snow. 

How to Prepare for Your Ski Trip

Why Rent Gear?

When you travel for a Utah ski vacation, it might be better to rent equipment when you get here. As the team at Ski 'N See point out, you can be sure you're on the right gear for the right conditions when you rent because not all skis are ideally suited for Utah's snow conditions, which produces relatively light, dry powder, but with good "body" and in abundance. You can further avoid the hassle and extra baggage fees with carrying gear on a plane. You may wish to bring your own boots, however, if you have a pair you know and love. That way you'll get your custom fit and will frequently save money on rental packages.

Between "carving" and "powder" there is a lot of technical detail standing between you and the mountain. Even ski length is an issue of debate especially as technology has evolved. Your choice of ski rental also has a lot do with where you want to ski. In brief, carving skis are typically tuned for fast runs down groomed trails and require some skill to turn correctly, while the wider underfoot width of a powder ski helps you maneuver in the soft stuff.

You'll also encounter gear in categories as diverse as "all mountain" and "big mountain," but it still matters which specific mountain you're skiing. Expert local ski gear rental shops will want to know which resorts are on your itinerary to even further fine tune the choice, based on each resort's unique characteristics. 

Where to Rent

There are 15 ski resorts spread across Utah. You'll find 10 of them within an hour of Salt Lake City International Airport, but whether you're driving or flying to Utah, there are ski equipment rental experts close by to help you find the right gear for your Utah ski vacation. Many ski resorts have rental facilities on-site, but another benefit of a winter vacation to a Ski City is having a wide range of rental and retail options both within the city and near the mouth of our canyons. You'll also find plenty of options driving north to Ogden and Logan-area resorts.

Depending on your needs — from basic ski clothing and accessories (pants, jackets, goggles, mittens, gloves, socks) to equipment (helmets, skis, poles, bags) — you may find sale prices on retail winter apparel or special rates or packages on equipment rental for your family or group.

Check out Ski 'N See across the Wasatch Front, Wild Rose Mountain Sports and Canyon Sports in Salt Lake, Cole Sport and Jans in Park City, or Alpine SportsDiamond Peak and the Weber State University Outdoor Program in the Ogden area.

For a full list of ski rental and retail options filterable by where you're heading, visit Ski Utah listings.

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