Arches National Park Adventure Guide

Top Five Adventure Hikes in Arches National Park

In addition to its many short, easy day hikes suitable for families, Arches National Park also boasts numerous longer, more challenging trails. These hikes will take you away from the crowds and provide an intimate look at the Arches backcountry and its amazing geology.

Backpacking opportunities in Arches are somewhat limited, but they do exist for those who want to spend the night. Hikers who wish to take an overnight backcountry trip must obtain a backcountry permit at the visitor center (permits cannot be reserved in advance).

Before embarking on any long hike in Arches National Park, hikers should make sure they carry several essential items. First and foremost is water. Arches is extremely hot and dry during summer. Water sources are severely limited and must be treated prior to consumption. As a rule, always carry ample water to last the duration of the hike, and then some. Use sunscreen, eye protection, and a hat to prevent overexposure to the sun’s rays. Be smart about safety and you’ll have much more time to appreciate the outstanding variety of hiking opportunities in Arches National Park.

The Hikes

1. Delicate Arch: 3 miles. An extremely popular route to the world’s most famous arch, which is pictured on Utah state license plates.

2. Double O Arch: 4.2 miles. A trail to a most unusual formation where one arch is on top of another.

3. Devils Garden Primitive Loop: 7.2 miles. The longest, most difficult hike in Arches National Park but a good choice for solitude; includes hiking to Landscape and Double O Arches.

4. Tower Arch: 3.4 miles. A moderate (or even strenuous) hike to one of the most remote arches in Arches National Park.

5. Fiery Furnace: 2 miles. A ranger-led (or permit required) hike to a rare desert environment named for the reddish glow it often takes on at sunset, which resembles a furnace.