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Skydive Canyonlands

Learning to skydive in Moab is a uniquely thrilling experience allowing anyone in reasonably good health the opportunity to momentarily “escape the surly bonds of earth.” And skydiving over Moab, Utah's spectacular canyonlands is as good as it gets! Skydive Canyonlands specializes in first-time tandem jumping, which is the easiest, fastest, cheapest and SAFEST way to make your first skydive. After 20 minutes of training, you will be securely attached to one our experienced instructors and ready to go. From as high as 16,500' (that's almost 3 miles high!), the view is just as breathtaking as the jump. You'll see Castleton Tower, Monitor & Merrimac, the beautiful red rocks of Arches National Park, and more. You'll fall at a 120 MPH for up to 45 seconds depending on the height that you choose. Skydive Canyonlands offers a 16,500' skydive with oxygen, a 14,500' skydive and an 11,500' skydive. Then enjoy a peaceful 5-7 minute parachute ride back to earth.
  • Skydive Canyonlands
  • Skydive Canyonlands

Skydive Canyonlands Hwy. 191 North
Moab, UT 84532
(435) 719-3483

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