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Park City's Best Winter Hikes

Planning to visit Park City this winter? You’ve probably got your lodge booked and know which après-ski restaurants and bars you want to check out. While you’re at it, why not plan a winter hike or two? With over 7,000 acres of preserved open space and more than 350 miles of recreational trails, this alpine town has something for everyone. To help plan your trip, here’s a quick rundown of the best winter hikes in Park City. 

Park City

Best Park City Hiking Trails

The trails at Round Valley, PC Hill, Quarry Mountain and Skyridge Peak allow dogs. On and off-leash policies vary by each trail.


Winter Hiking

You might think the cold is unavoidable and the terrain impassable during the winter months, but if you can surpass these doubts you might just be rewarded with your best hike of the year.

Winter Hiking Tips

Easy Hiking Trails

Daly Canyon

You can experience Park City’s rich history when you hike Daly Canyon. This loop hike is suitable for all ages and offers great views of historic mining infrastructure from the 19th century. If you follow the entire trail, it will lead you to the base of the Lady Morgan chairlift at Deer Valley Resort. Hikers can easily park in the designated area at the trailhead located at the top of Daly Avenue.

Jenni's Trail

Jenni’s Trail starts at the base of Park City Mountain and leads you on a smooth uphill climb through stunning Aspen forests. The smooth switchbacks on this trail cross multiple ski runs and open up to incredible views of snow-capped Park City Mountain. Whether you choose an out and back trail or a loop, you’re guaranteed beautiful views on Jenni’s Trail. You can find parking quickly in the large lot at the base of Park City Mountain Resort.

McPolin Farm Nature Trail

For hikers who want an option that’s great for kids and four-legged friends alike, the McPolin Farm Nature Trail never disappoints. This nature trail introduces young hikers to plants and wildlife native to the Mountain West. There are plenty of benches for breaks and kids (and parents) will love exploring the old-fashioned barn and surrounding land. Parking is easily accessible in the paved parking lot directly across from the McPolin barn.

Park City boasts some stunning Aspen forests.

Photo: Jeremiah Watt

Hike Responsibly

Use Public Transportation: Use public transportation when possible. Not only does this help with traffic and crowds, but it also helps reduce emissions that impact the air quality. 

Stick to the Trail: On many of the hikes, you’ll see side trails that hikers have created. It’s always best to stick to the main trail to stay safe and protect the surrounding ecosystem.

Check the Snow Coverage: When hikers walk on muddy trails, they can inadvertently cause long-term damage and make trails vulnerable to erosion. Be mindful of the snow coverage when choosing a trail to hike in Park City. 

Respect the Wildlife: Remember that the mountains and forests in Park City are home to various native wildlife, trees and flowers. Respect their home by sticking to the trail, cleaning up any trash and giving the living things around you the space they need. 

Take Only Photos: Historical buildings and landmarks are a treasure. Feel free to take photos as a keepsake, but don’t take anything else. Admire artifacts and natural features from a distance, and remember to Leave No Trace on rocks or other surfaces.

Follow Hiking Etiquette: Park City is a super friendly community that is always excited to welcome newcomers, just be sure to follow hiking etiquette. Yield to uphill hikers, allow faster hikers to pass, clean up waste and trash and keep your dog(s) leashed when required. 

How to Travel Responsibly

Winter Hiking Tips

Check the Weather: Winter hikes in Park City are beautiful, but the temperatures can get dangerously low at night. Make sure to start your hike early in the day so you can hike with the sun and keep warm. 

What to Wear: Your choice of clothing on a winter hike can make or break the experience. Be sure to wear insulating layers made of wool or synthetic fabric (not cotton) underneath your winter coat. Keep your hands, feet and ears covered at all times, and choose comfortable, sturdy, waterproof boots that will keep heat in and snow out. Check ahead of time to find out if snowshoes are recommended or required for your specific hike. 

Don’t Forget SPF: Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you’re safe from the sun’s rays! Make sure to wear that SPF and protect your eyes with goggles or sunglasses. 

Stay Hydrated: Even though recognizing thirst is difficult in the cold, it’s essential to stay hydrated when you’re hiking in any type of climate Pack a reusable water bottle with you, and remember to use it! You can also bring hot drinks like tea or coffee for a fast way to warm up.


More Winter Hiking Tips

Trailheads Near Park City

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