Slot Canyon (AKA Singing Canyon) on the Burr Trail

Singing Canyon   |  Sandra Salvas
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The entire 68-mile stretch of the Burr Trail Road is scenic and filled with natural beauty. The drive takes touring motorists from the town of Boulder through Grand Staircase–Escalante National Monument, all the way to Bullfrog in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

Along the rugged backway, many wonders await you, but only if you hop out of your car and stop gawking at the scenery as it flies by at 35 m.p.h. But of all the stops on Burr, there’s really nothing like the little slot canyon at an inconspicuous turnoff 11.5 miles down from the starting point. Some locals of Boulder, Utah, call this slot canyon on the Burr Trail, “Singing Canyon.” When you go, you know exactly why.

Don’t be surprised if you run into a classically-trained violinist or someone making a melody on a Native American-style flute in this special place. The natural acoustics are simply amazing. In fact, you’ll probably find yourself breaking into song.

What Makes it Great

First and foremost, Singing Canyon offers incredible acoustics probably unlike any place you’ve been before (the shower doesn’t count). And, of course, it’s also quite a beautiful spot. While it's truly wonderful for anyone who enjoys making music, it's also an easy accessible icon of Utah's Colorado Plateau, perfect for anyone who enjoys high-walled, red-rock slot canyons with an approach requiring little effort. The approach to Singing Canyon is a flat, 10-minute walk, which makes it accessible to all.  Burr Trail Road is dog friendly, so bring your pup along — so long as it doesn’t mind your singing.

Inside the canyon, you’ll be surrounded by walls that soar up to 80 feet into the sky — with just specs of blue remaining visible. Unlike other slot canyons in the area, you’ll won’t feel claustrophobic because there’s plenty of room, which could possibly add to the acoustics of the place. The walls are red, purple, and pink, and there’s even foliage, which makes a nice contrast to what’s otherwise barren desert beauty.

Directions, Parking and Regulations

The Burr Trail is paved for the first 18 miles, so access to this spot is quick and won’t jossle you around on washboard-laden dirt roads. This section is easily accessible to passenger cars during both dry and wet weather.

Drive about 11 miles east on the Burr Trail Road from Boulder to a small, unmarked paved pullout on the north (left) side of the road. Parking is free, but space is limited. The narrow slot is visible across the wash, where a lovely, tall, and shady cottonwood tree resides; you could even perch here for a picnic, if you desire. It's a good idea to carry water and food provisions regardless. There are no fees to enter Burr Trail Road or Singing Canyon.

Getting into the canyon from the parking lot is an easy 15-minute round-trip hike. The area is available year-round. Because of the high walls, it’s shady all day and makes a nice respite when the midday summer heat of the desert swelters.

The turnoff for the slot canyon on the Burr Trail is on the north side of the road at GPS coordinates 37.864849, -111.30048. It is unmarked and more than 11 miles from the main highway, so ensure your vehicle is in good working condition.

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