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The World-Class and Trophy Destinations

Local anglers all have their go-to fisheries. Places where they are not only likely to catch fish, but to catch fish they can brag about with family and friends. In Utah, these go-to fishing holes are also the places visitors come from around the world to experience.

Rivers coming out of dams are known as tailwater fisheries. The temperature of the water flowing from the dam outlet is usually cold and clear, making it the perfect combination for Utah’s three main species of trout – cutthroat, rainbow and brown. The Green River in Daggett County is on the bucket list of fly-fishers from around the world. The biggest mistake people make when they finally fish the Green below Flaming Gorge is becoming so focused on the fishing they never look up and take in the stunning scenery of the place.

The reservoirs behind dams also provide a productive habitat for a wide variety of species.

Cutthroat trout were the only sport fish found in what is now recognized as Utah, but anglers can now catch a trout species native to other continents, panfish and catfish from east of the Mississippi River, pike and muskie and even salmon.

Green River

Brown and rainbow trout. and

Flaming Gorge

Brown, lake (mackinaw), and rainbow trout; smallmouth bass; kokanee salmon; catfish.  informational content from Falcon on this

Lake Powell


Strawberry Reservoir

One of the best trout fisheries in the nation: cutthroat, rainbow. short article

Middle and Lower Provo River

#2 angler-hour fishery in the state.