Christmas Meadows to Amethyst Lake

The trek to Amethyst Lake is an unforgettable one as you embark from the jaw-dropping Christmas Meadows, one of the most idyllic places in the Uintas. The open pastoral greenery is juxtaposed by a fir forest as you gradually climb the trail to the signed junction towards Amethyst Lake. From here, the elevation gain becomes more pronounced, but luckily, take an enjoyable respite at at Ostler Creek and take in the view of several waterfalls.

Proceed onward through yet more stunning meadows, which make for an excellent base camp for backpackers. Day hikers who have had their fill of foliage can head back to the car at this point. But if time allows, the trip to Amethyst Lake rewards hikers with a tranquil emerald lake surrounded by a mountain cirque checkered with evergreens and popping, colorful foliage.

The climb to Amethyst Lake is about 2,000 vertical feet. Round trip from the Christmas Meadows trailhead to Amethyst Lake and back is approximately 12 miles.

Fee Information

A recreation pass must be purchased if stopping at trailheads or using facilities along this byway. The passes are priced as follows: $6, good for three days; $12, good for seven days; $45, annual pass. The recreation pass may also be used along the Alpine Loop Scenic Byway.