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Green River State Park

Green River State Park   |  Louis Arevalo/Roots Rated
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Green River State Park is a great place to begin your adventure on the Green River. Established in 1965 this park was built around a popular boat/raft launch at the center of the town of Green River, UT. Positioned at the base of the Bookcliffs the park’s lush trees and shade offer relief from the arid surroundings and intense desert sun. If you make the journey you’ll be rewarded with easy access to the river, sheltered campgrounds and picnic areas, a nine-hole golf course, and a new eighteen-basket disc golf course.

The 730-mile length of the Green River begins in the Wind River Range of Wyoming, meanders its way south into Utah, turns east for a brief 40-mile stretch through western Colorado, and then returns to Utah before merging into the Colorado River. Its route through the Utah section of the Colorado Plateau offers some of the most scenic and classic stretches of river within the United States. From flat water to whitewater this section of the Green River is a coveted objective for beginner and avid river runners because it offers something at every level.

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