Dinosaur National Monument   |  Matt Morgan

Fossil Discovery Trail

The flagship hike in Dinosaur National Monument, this trail takes you through geologic formations representing 80 million years of time on your way to or from the Douglass Dinosaur Quarry.

Distance: 1.2 miles

Elevation change: Slight

Hiking time: 1 hour

Maps: None; this is best done as a ranger-led hike. However, there is also a brochure available that can help guide you on the hike.

Difficulty: Easy

Starting point: Douglass Dinosaur Quarry or the Quarry visitor center

The Hike

This hike is most enjoyable and informative when you plan to join one of the scheduled interpretive walks with a park ranger. However, for those who wish to go without a ranger, there is an informational brochure available. But either way, do this short hike, for the route passes through six geological formations — meaning that when you are done you will have hiked through eighty million years of time.

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