Bryce Canyon National Park   |  Alison Vagnini

Bryce Canyon Rim Trail

A popular trail above Bryce Canyon that connects all the scenic overlooks from Fairyland Point to Bryce Point.

Distance: 5.5 miles (8.9 km) one way, but many shorter options can be done. The shuttle can be used to return to your car.

Hiking time: About 3 hours

Best season: April–October

Difficulty: Moderate

Topo maps: USGS Bryce Point; Trails Illustrated Bryce Canyon National Park

Finding the trailhead: From the Bryce Canyon Visitor Center, drive north 0.7 mile to the turnoff for Fairyland Point and park in the designated area. From the parking area walk east to the rim at Fairyland Point and follow the stone path south. The Rim Trail is also accessible from Sunrise, Sunset, Inspiration, and Bryce Points.

Trailhead GPS of Fairyland Point: 37.649350, -112.147614

Trailhead GPS of Bryce Point: 37.603984, -112.156676

The Hike

This very popular path runs along the rim of Fairyland Canyon and Bryce Canyon, connecting Fairlyland Point and Bryce Point and passing all the scenic overlooks in between. Many park visitors hike the Rim Trail since it is accessible from the park road at various lookout points and provides spectacular views of the spires and canyons below. Travelers can choose to hike the entire trail by starting from Fairyland Point or Bryce Point or break the hike up into smaller segments. Most of the pathway between Sunrise and Sunset points is either paved or so well worn that portions are wheelchair accessible. However, steep gradients and uneven surfaces may make wheelchair access to some areas difficult. Wooden benches at various points along the path give visitors opportunities to relax and enjoy the wondrous scenery.

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