Indian Creek

Indian Creek   |  Andrew Burr
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Indian Creek is in the northernmost portion of Bears Ears National Monument, and is known as a rock climbing mecca. Whether you get up on the wall or decide to drive, it's easy to appreciate the scenery from a lower vantage point as you cruise the 41-mile state scenic byway.

Things to Do


There are no fees or permits required to visit Newspaper Rock or to drive the Indian Creek Corridor Scenic Byway through Indian Creek National Monument, national park fees are required to enter Canyonlands National Park.

The area is open year-round, and the best times to visit are March through late-May and September through October. Feel free to bring your dog, but most places require furry friends to remain on-leash.

Travel Advisory

Visitors traveling to the areas surrounding of Bears Ears National Monument should be aware that the designation of monument status has not allowed for the United States Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management to develop their management plan, nor create new services or facilities. 

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