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Skydiving in Moab

After you hike Moab’s Canyonlands and Arches National Parks, and explore every possible square inch of this remarkable landscape up-close, you might want to get another perspective of these impressive natural features. If you’ve ever considered skydiving, it doesn’t get much more scenic than Moab, so now’s as good a time as ever!
Perhaps you’ve jumped before, or perhaps you’re of the “why jump from a perfectly good place?” mentality. But don’t worry — you’re in good hands. There are a couple of options for skydiving Moab or Canyonlands and you expect safety to be their top priority. One shop, Skydive Moab, lists 35,000 jumps to their name, with 20,000 of them tandem, and of course holds all the right certifications and accreditations, and 405 positive reviews from happy jumpers on TripAdvisor.

Skydive Moab says it is recommended to make your reservation in advance, but walk-ins are also welcome. When the day comes, drive (they can also arrange a ride for you) to the Moab Airport, just outside of town. Once you arrive, preparation involves filling out a little paperwork, watching a video, and finally meeting with your instructors for a general overview of what to expect. None of it is difficult, but definitely pay attention so you know what to do. Once you get the hang of correct body positioning during your jump, flight, and landing, you’re all set.
You’ll then be treated to a 20-minute flight above Arches, Canyonlands, Dead Horse Point, the Colorado River, and the lofty mountains surrounding the Moab area. This view alone is worth the trip.
Actually jumping out of the plane is the scariest part, but once you’re in free fall, it will feel like you’re floating above the desert quite calmly. Your instructor will help deploy and fly the parachute, letting you glide gently back to the ground during which time you will be able to have a conversation with your instructor, who can point out landmarks while you think about how it took famed explorer John Wesley Powell weeks to take in what you’re able to see in seconds.
Once you are back on solid ground, snag a DVD or photos of your adventure to take home and post on Instagram or Facebook for some bragging rights. If you have so much fun that you want to learn more about becoming a licensed skydiver, Skydive Moab can help with that, too.
In a trip full of memorable adventures, it just might make sense to make this one the pinnacle of your journey.

Plan Your Dive

Skydive Moab

Skydive Moab is located at the Moab Airport at Canyonlands Field just off Highway 191, which is 16 miles north of Moab, and 14 miles south of I-70. For more information or to book a jump, visit their website or call 435-259-5867 (JUMP). There is a $75 deposit per jumper, due when you make your reservation, and there is a 48-hour cancellation policy. Jumps are scheduled seven days a week, from March until November.
GPS Coordinates: 38.761523, -109.744766

Skydive Canyonlands

Skydive Canyonlands is owned and operated by Robert Gray, a USPA Certified instructor with over 16,000+ jumps — all dedicated to the perfection of the sport and the safe enjoyment of skydiving.

Canyonlands Field Airport
Skydive Canyonlands
Hwy. 191 North
Moab, UT 84532

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