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Tom Till

Culture Walk: Art, Photography and Astronomy

Once you’ve taken a few sips of the striking beauty of the Moab region, you won’t be surprised at all to learn that this area has one of the highest number of artists per capita of any small town around. Many Moab locals are inspired by the scenery, and some artists move here from elsewhere just to be more closely connected with this inspiration. Of course, well before the town was founded, the ancient Fremont and Anasazi cultures practiced their own forms of art here as well. So you could say the area has nurtured creativity for ages and ages.

Discover Moab

As a result, there are many galleries and studios in town — as well as quite a few businesses that feature local art. If you have a few hours to spend away from the blazing desert sun, step into a few galleries to check out the paintings, pottery, photography, jewelry, sculpture, and poetry.

One favorite stop to check out is Gallery Moab, a co-op run by the artists themselves. They showcase Western and wildlife art, as well as contemporary abstract, impressionism, and realism. You’ll find a variety of mediums ranging from pastels to acrylics, photography, oils, and even metal and concrete castings. This gallery does a lot to empower and support the local artists community, and it’s well worth a stop.

The Hogan Trading Company, also in the middle of town, showcases a very Moab-inspired variety of sculptures, fountains, wall art, furniture, pottery, paintings, and even wind sculptures. The gallery does sell smaller gifts too, but you’ll really want to spend some time wandering its 8,000 square feet full of all kinds of Native American- and Southwest-inspired pieces.

Another memorable gallery is Tom Till Photography. Till is a longtime resident of Moab and a world-renowned landscape photographer. He has one of the largest photo libraries of the Southwest in existence. His photos are so breathtaking and captivating that many conservation and environmental groups have used Till’s photos to illustrate their publications and solidify support.

One fun component of the Till Gallery is that you can arrange a photography tour and see some actual spots where you can take your own incredible photos capturing the grandeur of this desert landscape. Till and his tour partner, Dan Norris, both know the area inside and out, and can guide you to exactly the right spot, at the right time of day, to snap pics you’re downright proud of. Put Till and Norris’ experience to work and leave with photos you’ll admire for years after your trip.

In the warmer months, don't miss Moab's Market on Center. On the first and third Thursday of May, June, August and September, produce and artisan vendors sell their goods from 5 p.m. to dusk on East Center Street between City Hall and the Center Street Ballparks.

And since the heavens bear their own artwork in the starry night sky, you’ll want to check out a RedRock Astronomy stargazing tour. The remote desert is an ideal place for you to see the Milky Way; as it’s very challenging to see in more urban environments, now is your chance. The guide does more than bring a laser pointer to show guests the constellations; as a part of the tour, you’ll actually get to know the cosmos in their glittering detail. The guide brings excellent telescopes and viewing equipment to help you really absorb the majesty of your overhead surroundings.

Small groups, large groups, young kids, and adults will have their breath taken away as they see far-away planets, galaxies, star clusters, nebulae, and other celestial sights.

Addresses and GPS Coordinates

Gallery Moab
87 North Main Street, Moab, UT
38.574612, -109.551048

Hogan Trading Company
100 South Main Street, Moab, UT
38.571519, -109.551249

Tom Till Photography
3160 Rimrock Road, Moab, UT
38.52513, -109.509387

Market on Center (First and third Thursday, May-June, August-September)
217 East Center Street, Moab, UT 
38.5737262, -109.5490955

RedRock Astronomy
Stargazing happens at various locations, so please check for directions once you make your reservations.

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