Garden City

Garden City is located next to Bear Lake. Bear Lake is often called the Caribbean of the Rockies for its intense turquoise blue water. As visitors catch their first glimpse of the lake, they marvel at its color and wonder what makes the lake so blue. The unique color is due to the reflection of the limestone deposits suspended in the lake. Each season lends its own characteristic to the lake. Year-round, enjoy a number of recreational and cultural activities. Experience the rush of snowmobiling on our 350 miles of groomed trails and wide open play areas. Ski Beaver Mountain and enjoy some of Utah's best powder. Navigate your personal watercraft across 70,000 acres of turquoise water. Feel the excitement of a Bear Lake cutthroat on the end of your fishing line. Sail off into the sunset. Explore America's past and discover the stories of the hearty souls that settled this area. 

Family Fun Activities

Bear Lake State Park offers endless family fun. Whether you enjoy fishing, swimming, boating, or making sand castles, Bear Lake has it all. 435-946-3343

Pickleville Playhouse offers a live theatre and Wild West grill on beautiful
Bear Lake during the summer months. Call 435-946-2918 for tickets or visit

The Garden City Pool is open year round. Cost is $3 per person. Please see for open hours.

Enjoy horseback riding through the Cache National Forest. 435-946-3400

Renegade Raceway allows kids and adults to experience the fun of a go-kart race track.  435-881-2665

Don't forget to grab a raspberry shake at any one of our local restaurants!

For more detailed information on attractions, accommodations and dining, visit Bear Lake Valley CVB

Garden City